Yes, But Can They Play On A Cold Tuesday Night At Oldham?

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest weekly review by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan

Unfortunately for the first half an hour the answer to that age old question was no, they can’t play on a cold midweek in the shadow of Saddleworth Moor. As much as I’ve praised the Town’s displays this season, there are times when you have to criticise and this is one of them. The first half-an-hour was as shambolic as we’ve seen. As bad as Cheltenham in the cup and that’s bad. It seemed as though the team had no idea who each other were. Defensively it was a shambles. Two goals in a minute were enough to seal the deal for the home side.

Having said that Swindon’s second-half display could have brought some reward from the game. Whether or not they deserved it is open to debate. However, like the Sheffield United match, the chances were there and not taken. What made it worse was the loss came on top if a nightmare journey there and back. It seems there’s about ten miles of the country’s motorway system which isn’t being worked on. If only as a child I’d invented the traffic cone. I would have been wealthy enough to have bought the Town. I mean the actual town not just the football club. What worries me most about Swindon’s first half hour is that there’s a recurring theme. Teams that get into the Town’s faces early seem to unsettle them and prevent the passing game from becoming effective. We’ve seen it a few times now. It’s okay if we don’t concede, but once we do it becomes difficult to reassert our authority. Hopefully that’ll not be a problem at Scunthorpe on Saturday when a romantic Valentine’s Day trip is on the cards.

Last weekend of course we saw off Danny Wilson’s Barnsley. In truth they offered little and the former Town boss is the latest casualty in the ever increasing managerial sackings game. I’ve always had a lot of time for Danny, who’s one of the games’ gentlemen. I hope he gets his way back into football soon. It really does seem that this is the time of the year when clubs who’re struggling decide to make a change. Paul Lambert departed Villa on Wednesday night, a manager who’s been under pressure for some time. I guess owners feel that the impetus a new boss brings might be enough to change fortunes around. Doesn’t always work. We’ve seen plenty of examples of that at the County Ground.

So off to Scunny then and hopefully three points brought about by a romantic style of play and not by fifty shades of grey, or purple.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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