We’re Top of the League…

It’s Saturday, so it must be time for the latest weekly review by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Sometimes it takes ages to come up with a title to an article. I try to be rather clever with a play on words. Mostly I fail. This week though no other words are necessary. For the past few days our team has been top of the league. It may change soon of course, but for now it’ll do.

It was a long day on Saturday. Devon to Fleetwood is a journey and a half. When you’ve got to Stafford services and it’s just gone 10 0’clock, you know you’ve been travelling for a while.

It was a day and dank day too. Little to recommend the first Saturday of the new year. It was our first visit to Fleetwood’s version of Highbury. No marble halls like the old north London version of Arsenal fame. Having said that, a decent traditional chippy and a main stand that looked like a space ship that was bound for stellar adventures. Ok I might be exaggerating a little.

A decent enough ground though and the facilities were excellent. Modern and clean toilets, how often can you say that, and a friendly snack bar with vegetarian pies. Another rarity.

The game itself was a rather annoying affair. Swindon quickly took hold by the scruff of the neck but somehow wanted to give the home side a chance. The season of goodwill extended into 2015. Despite enough chances to have comfortably led at half time, including another missed penalty, somehow Fleetwood found themselves two goals up. The dream of being table toppers then seemed to be fading as quickly as the daylight.

This Swindon team is made of stern stuff though and a great fightback got the point that was necessary to reach the summit.

Terrific entertainment and much to talk about as the supporters coach made it’s way through the rather ungolden mile of the Blackpool seafront. Well, it is January. How long will this last?


It’s likely we’ll lose our place at the top at the weekend and then have the chance to regain it on Monday. It is fantastic though to support this team at the moment. From afar it looks as though the club is in safe hands and steering a steady course. That’s all we can ask. It makes being a Town fan at the moment a more than pleasurable experience.

No Town game Saturday so a trip to watch Exeter. Always fun to stand on the Big Bank and watch Paul Tisdale’s team. The Grecians home form is such that anything can happen. One thing’s for sure City’s fans go through the same agonies we do week in week out. Exeter’s immediate financial future has been guaranteed following the sale of Matt Grimes to Swansea. In these days of multi million pounds transfers, it seems odd that one deal can keep a club going for years. Nice to know it can still happen.

Monday it’s Coventry. Back to the Ricoh and the scene of that victory in Kevin MacDonald’s first game in charge. Shorter journey, let’s hope it takes us back to the top.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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