Playing Ratings: Swindon Town v Cheltenham

Alex Cooke joins all the other Swindon media and gives his ratings out of ten for Town’s team at Whaddon Road…

Wes Foderingham: I know very little about being a goalkeeper so giving him a score would be silly. It would mainly be based on how many he conceded. N/A

Nathan Thompson: He was sent off. My limited view meant I couldn’t judge what he did based on his positioning or play. N/A

Jordan Turnbull: I made some notes during the game and so looked away. I could do general comments, but a score? It wouldn’t be remotely accurate. N/A

Jack Stephens: This 1-to-10 scale isn’t defined and no one knows is ‘average’ is. And 1, 2 and 10 are almost never used, how can any score I give be meaningful? N/A

Harry Toffolo: What? Sorry, that bloke asked me a question. Missed that. He did what? N/A

Yaser Kasim: N/A. Without knowing ever detail of the manager’s plan, how can I judge how he was playing? Or marking? Was he told to play that way or did he decide to himself? N/A

Louis Thompson: Like all football fans, I watch were the ball goes. This makes off the ball runs impossible to spot, however good or bad they are. Try doing that for every player. N/A

Massimo Luongo: Something about international duty. Yeah. Without knowing if he’s still playing with an injury, better not to say anything controversial. N/A

Nathan Byrne: Without Opta data I can’t remember how many dribbles he made or passes completed. Guessing doesn’t seem right. N/A

Jon Obika: Well, he didn’t score. And that is a striker’s job so… Did he make the right runs otherwise? I don’t know, I only saw the game once. N/A

Andy Williams: Oh god, no idea. Far side of the pitch. He didn’t score either so I’ll play safe. N/A

Ben Gladwin: How am I meant to look at every area of the pitch at once? N/A

Player Ratings They are just a bit of fun. Hey, lots of people read them, we know that from our web traffic stats. They provoke debate, and it’s just a bit of fun. Like this piece. 5/10.

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