The Downs and Ups…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest weekly review by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Okay, cards on the table time. I know there’s a great deal of controversy over MK Dons, the so called franchise club. I get the annoyance that some people feel over football selling it’s soul. Bit late to worry about that I’m afraid, it went years ago. I also understand why some people won’t give money to the team from Milton Keynes. I respect your views if you feel that way.

For me though it’s quite simple. Where Swindon play, I go. The thing is I would watch the Town wherever they play if I can. Nothing to do with who they’re playing. Sometimes that means going and giving money to some clubs you rather wouldn’t. So that’s how I feel, if you disagree great if you agree, that’s fine too.

What I will say, is that Stadium MK is absolutely superb. On our previous visits there, we’ve played in a half finished ground with acres of concrete on the top level. Now it’s the finished article. To me it’s a better stadium than Wembley. It’s comfortable, padded seats you know, it’s got loads of food outlets and access is easy whatever your mobility. All good then? Well the main problem is that a stadium that holds 30,000 appears empty when there is a third of that number watching the game. However I guess that’s a price worth paying in a ground as good as that.

To the match itself then. It’s fair to say Swindon dominated the first half and certainly should have led by more than the one Jonathan Obika goal. There appeared to be no reason for concern and my pre match prediction of a three nil win appeared secure. Sadly that didn’t materialise. A combination of weak refereeing, worrying at the moment isn’t it, and the home side stepping up a gear, saw a turn around in fortunes. It’s fair to say Swindon were out muscled. In one game then, we saw the good and bad of the Town’s footballing style. Great to watch but maybe lacking a bit of granite.

I missed out on the Preston game because of work commitments. By all accounts though it was a decent performance and a great result. A win against a team, like the Town, with promotion ambitions is always welcome.

The size of the crowd though is worrying. I wrote some weeks ago that had we played the game on its original date, it would have pulled in one of the best attendances of the season. Both sides were in great form and surely the gate would have been touching the nine thousand mark.

That’s the problem with international weekends. Can’t really see the benefit. Since they were introduced to help our national side, I can’t recall winning any major tournaments. Nor minor ones come to that. It disrupts the season and people get out of the footballing habit. Keep football on a Saturday. It’s messed up enough with TV etc. think of the Exeter fans travelling on the M5/6 on Friday night for a televised cup tie at Warrington.

For us it’s Cheltenham. Bound to to a cracker at a ground we’ve a poor record at. Can’t wait!

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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