Did you enjoy the football break?

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest STFC weekly review by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Did you enjoy the football break? I certainly didn’t.

The return of our football team this weekend is something to relish. It’s just a short trip for me on Saturday as our boys go to Yeovil. I know we’re not supposed to advertise, but a trip to the Glovers also means the chance to visit one of the best chippies in the league. So a double cause to celebrate the resumption of Swindon Town’s season.

That season so far shows a lot of promise and is getting more and more attention. Leaving aside the recent slip up at Plymouth, Swindon have been playing fantastic football. While we watched a stuttering England huff and puff in the Euro qualifiers, it made me miss the Town’s super skills even more. Yes our national team are unbeaten and certain to make the finals but it’s a real test watching them play these days. Maybe I’ll give it a miss for a while.

I took the opportunity to visit the team just down the road from me last Saturday. Exeter City were hoping to continue their winning streak in the league at the expense of bottom club Hartlepool. Former Town midfielder Tommy Miller ran the show and led the visitors to an away win. Still it’s always pleasant to visit St.James’ Park, especially in the sunshine.

Exeter - St James Park

Which brings me to the price of watching football. City recently cut a couple of pounds off their matchday prices. The last time I went to watch them, it cost nineteen quid to stand on the Big Bank. This time it was seventeen. To sit at the League Two game could have cost twenty seven pounds. Maybe that’s something all clubs have to look at. Money is tight, football may be something that slips out of the family budget.

Many comparisons are being made with the price of the game in Germany. It seems amazing that the Bundesliga clubs can charge so little for their matches compared to the cost here. Does cut price football work? Would it bring in more supporters? It may not be the total answer, after all we all want to watch a winning team, but it may help.

It is a fact that watching Swindon home and away has got more expensive. I’m fortunate to be able to attend most games, but it is hurting my wallet more and more. As retirement looms maybe the wallet may have to say no from time to time.

Right now the main focus is on Huish Park and hopefully another three points taken back to the County Ground.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.

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