Oakwell that ends well

It’s Friday lunchtime, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

It’s a long way to Barnsley. For the second time in a fortnight though, a trip to Yorkshire worked out well for Swindon Town. For those of us who made the journey north, it was very worthwhile. It was Bradford City a couple of weeks ago, this time it the Tykes of Barnsley that were sent packing by a super Swindon performance.

A pretty average first half at Oakwell, gave way to a classy second from the Wiltshire team. The charge was led by man of the match Nathan Byrne. It was one of the best displays given by Byrne since his permanent move to the Town last season. A great run and shot by the wing-back gave Swindon the lead. Minutes later Nathan provided the cross for Jake Reeves to net his first goal for the club and the points were rapped up by an opportunist goal from Andy Williams. Three nil and three points, to move third in the table.

It also meant an uncomfortable afternoon for former Town boss Danny Wilson. Watching his Barnsley team pulled apart by his one time charges, must have been difficult. Still, for the travelling Swindon fans, it was a great afternoon.

Again the quality of play by the Town, was marvellous to watch. Well worth the early start from Devon and the late arrival home again. One down side was the injury to Jon Obika. Jon’s scoring record in his first four games since his transfer to the club, came to a shuddering halt. An early shoulder injury put him out of the game, but hopefully not out of the team for too long.

So what are we to make of this great start for Swindon Town? Well I for one think they’re tremendous. The football is of the highest quality and the promise is evident for all to see. This team is young and keen and seem desperate to play.

They next play on Saturday at Leyton Orient. A trip to Brisbane Road is always enjoyable. Orient  have the difficult task of competing  against the big London clubs. They’ll soon be facing the arrival of West Ham into the nearby Olympic Stadium.. Yet they have a loyal following. Once again the travelling Swindon supporters will have to compete against a small but vociferous crowd. Looking forward to it.

So keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.

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