Filling the hole

It’s mid-morning on a Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Just when you think the football season is up and running, it goes and leaves you with a blank weekend again. No Town game because of an international break. So an opportunity to go elsewhere for my football fix. That meant a short trip to watch Exeter City play Mansfield and stand on the terrace known as the Big Bank. What you discover when you watch other teams is that the fans are the same as you and I. They all find the same pleasures or frustrations in their teams performance as you and I do as Town supporters. A misplaced pass or a fluffed chance in front of goal brings the same feelings of annoyance. On the other hand, a moment of brilliance will give a collective feeling of joy. Whoever we support then, we’re just the same.

The Mansfield fans who left St. James’ Park on Saturday, would have had the rosy glow of success just like I hope we will when we leave Valley Parade. That’s the thing about football, it’s a game that fills you with either hope or despair. Very rarely is it something that fails to stir the emotions. Although I suspect for Exeter fans it’s despair at the moment as their young side sits at the bottom of the Football League. On Saturday they face the team just above them. Oxford.

We’re back on the field, thank goodness, at Bradford. An early start from Devon after a late finish at work, is never my favourite way to begin the day. Still meeting up with the supporters coach is always a joy. People you’ve shared thousands of miles with will be there. Those same emotions that I mentioned earlier, will be evident. Hope on the way north, who knows what on the way back south? The game will also give us the opportunity to see Swindon’s transfer day signings in action. The break has given them a chance to settle in and hopefully that will work to our favour. A new game, a new day of excitement, hope and anticipation. It never changes.
So as always keep it loud, keep it proud, keep it Swindon.

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