Showing some Iron

It’s Friday, and a new season, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Great start to the season: two games, two wins and a striker bang in form. How many of us felt that might be the case in the first week?

It’s an odd trait of being a Town fan that the glass is generally half empty. I suppose it’s been brought about by years of hope then ultimate disappointment – on and off the pitch. Perhaps though, the need for realism has tempered that hope and any success will be a bonus.

Certainly on Saturday against Scunthorpe we saw some fine football and real determination from a young side with bags of potential. Okay, there were massive defensive frailties at times, but I guess with a newish rearguard that’s bound to happen.

What is clear is that this is a squad which seems to have bonded together and is shaping up nicely. Yes, I know it’s early days and things have a great chance of going wrong. What makes me quite positive (an odd feeling) is that I see a squad which seems to want to play football.

For me, Massimo Luongo and Nathan Byrne gave their best performances and the Thompsons looked as though they’d been there for years. Our goalkeeper was tremendous and I was particularly delighted for Michael Smith. The centre forward (for some reason) has been the target for some sections of the crowd, but his start to the campaign has brought deserved praise. Yes, his first touch hasn’t been the greatest, but his willingness to run and get in scoring positions was evident by goals against the Iron. So all good? Well, as we all know the defence needs to be worked on and it’s yet to be tested away from home in a league game.

I couldn’t make Tuesday’s match at Luton because of work commitments, but by all accounts it was a decent performance. And let’s face it any win away from home is good. Two more for Smith made him the leading scorer in the country and no doubt a target for clubs elsewhere, including it seems Coventry. The reward for the win is a home tie against Brighton. It is a bonus to be at home and a cup night under the lights at the County Ground is always enjoyable.

At the time of writing there are stories about unpaid police bills. Financial matters are never far from the surface at our club – part of its DNA it seems. While the fat cats resume their feasting in the money trough this weekend, clubs lower down the scale scrap for pennies. Ludicrous money is spent on footballer’s registrations while some fight for their very existence. It’s always been the case and I suppose it’s always going to be. Has football lost it’s soul? Maybe, but when the Town score at Crawley on Saturday, you’ll know why we go week in week out. There’s nothing better.

Keep it loud, keep it proud, keep it Swindon.

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