Washbag Podcast: Episode 31 – “Mr McCrory You Are a Liar”

Episode #31 of TheWashbag.com Swindon Town FC Podcast is now available to download…

Host Ron Smith is joined by only one guest this week, TheWashbag graphics supreme Brendan Hobbs, after a no-show…

As the World Cup progresses to the semi-finals, Swindon Town are already starting pre-season and the first few friendlies are a few days away.

The two review the chances of the World Cup semi-finalists Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Netherlands; delve into the recent STFC ownership court case involving Lee Power and Jed McCrory, where the Judge apparently said “Mr McCrory you are a liar” (according to Power’s letter); the implications of Lee Power’s open letter to supporters; and a quick look at Town’s friendlies which begin this week at Shrivenham.

For those wanting a more detailed review of the Judgement it can be read here – LINK.

The next podcast returns in a fortnight hopefully with a few more guests.

Get involved with the podcast, please submit your questions by emailing thewashbag[at]gmail[dot]com or tweet @thewashbag

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