Getting in Notts…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

It all ended rather tamely didn’t it? Our chances of the play offs finally disappeared in a blur of red and yellow cards on the Meadow Lane swamp…

Pre-match the main topic of conversation was the constant watering of the pitch. It seemed amazing the amount of liquid being dumped on a playing surface just yards from a river. As great puddles appeared, we were rather bemused at the whole process. Still I guess you can’t blame a team for wanting to get any advantage they could in their own backyard. County needn’t have worried. Swindon’s season was never really in danger of being extended.

News filtered through that Peterborough had gone behind at Shrewsbury and for a brief while it seemed as though we were still in with a shout. Wasn’t to be and Alan Sheehan, who I highlighted last week as being a danger, got the early breakthrough when allowed the freedom of the pitch to get into a scoring position.

What followed was a match as dull as any this term. As news of Posh goals reached us, it was if the lifeblood of 2013/14 was being sucked away. That’s what made the final few minutes so bizarre. An off the field incident which few saw, led to a twenty player melee and the dismissal of two Town players. It was an unedifying end to a non event of a game.

Notts tied things up, ahem, with a second. By then it hardly mattered and we were ready to leave and know that the season had just one more game to go. That game just happens to be against Steve Evans Rotherham. It’s the return of our favourite pantomime villain. If nothing else we’ll have ninety minutes of booing and hissing to see out the year.

So what of this campaign? Well it’s been pretty good hasn’t it! Most of us had the Town as strugglers this season. The way it’s turned out has been more than we expected. It gives hope for next term. If, that is, we can get the ownership sorted out quickly. Hang on I sense some pigs  flying. It’s never easy at Swindon Town and it never will be.

What we want is a period of stability, mind you it seems we’ve wanted that for years. To those who want of a piece of our club I say this. Make sure you’re genuine in your intentions, if not leave us be. We are what we are and most of us have known that for years. We love our club. If you wish to be a part of it you’d better be in it for the right reasons. Have a great summer and hopefully we have reasons to be optimistic about the new season.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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