Vote for your STFC Player of the Year 2013/14

Which player will win the coveted Fraser Digby’s Washbag Tortoiseshell Comb Award? It’s time to vote for your Swindon Town Player of the Season. You’ve got just one choice so pick a good one and don’t go for the obvious as that’s boring.

Vote by selecting your choice and then click ‘VOTE’ at the bottom of the article, seems obvious really…

Also don’t just vote, tell us why you picked your Player of the Year by commenting below…

Voting closes at 1pm on Thursday 1st May and we’ll announce the winner on Friday.



  • voted for jack stephens simply for the fact that his arrival turned us back into play off hopefuls,and besides,had fewer crap games than anyone else


  • Thompson brothers, Stephens, Pritchard, Kasim and Luongo all worth a mention, if not being surprising revelations but has to be Foderingham. You can have good/decent keepers, but at times Foderingham has made saves that have been the difference between winning and losing games, so Wes should get it, if not as it is likely to be his last season for us.


  • Only one choice – Wes. Consistently good and saved us so many times. Unlike Pritchard he is mature and does not get booked unnecessarily. Nathan Thompson has gone backwards this year. Louis Thompson probably young player of the year. Stephens not here long enough to qualify. Pritchard definitely not as flatters to deceive. No consistency in his play. Has not the ability to beat other players. So it has to be Wes!!! Good way for him to leave us!!!


  • Jay Mcevely, absolute baller, always consistent, unlucky to have been sent off against Peterbourgh. Also he is scouse.


  • Close run with no absolute stand out. Pritchard has been brilliant as have Wes, Troy and Stephens in latter part of the season. Mceveley certainly most improved even if he is still a bloody moron. L. Thompson comes close due to tireless running and immense desire. But only man to pip Pritchard for sheer talent is Luongo and he has consistently made our midfield tick, Box to box, retains possession and numerous clever passes that go unnoticed. Does the little things incredibly well. Team needs to be built around him


  • I would have voted for Mr Ranger (no bookings, calm on the pitch, quality player) but his DIY skills let him down, so instead I had to back up my investment in Louis’ sponsored shirt.


  • Jay Mac for me during the spell when the wheels came off in the new year the outfield player that looked liked it really mattered to him personally-loads of passion


    • He always sounded genuinely devastated when interviewed following one of our many away day catastrophes. He also did co-commentary on BBC Wilts for one game and was excellent.

      Can see why people would vote for him, especially given how he has improved.


  • Haha, the comments on the players nearly made me choke on my drink (though I think you were a bit harsh on Belford).

    I was torn between Louis and Wes (After ignoring excellent but brief loanees like Stephens/Ajose – I don’t think they should count.) Have to go for Louis, though – partly because of his development and partly because I have an aversion to making GK’s player of the season. Illogically.

    Oh, and well done finding a picture of Agombar. Apparently he does exist!


  • always a bit of a cop out voting for goalkeeper but it wasn’t just Jack Stephens loan signing that reignited our season after the disaster that looked possible after MK Dongs and Wolves at home. Having Wes back between the sticks dramatically reduced the mounting goals against column. Sadly suspect he will follow tradition in departing soon after winning Player of Season awards


  • Tricky. I feel it has to be quality and consistency over the entire season. That means for me no Stephens, although he has been superb – and will be for years to come.

    For me this question of consistency removes Yaser and Mass (although their relative decline was also largely that of the team). On pure quality it should be Ranger or Pritchard but I can’t vote for Ranger and Alex is a loanee so although he is very good – he isn’t ours.

    Which leaves Wes. He isn’t quite my man by default as he has been superb in his own right but like many others I’m never sure about giving my vote to a ‘keeper, but I have.

    (Bit harsh on Belford though. He has so much of the right stuff to be very good eventually).


  • I’ve voted for Wes as he has been the most consistent player during the season and because he has made so many unbelivable saves. There are other good players, but I can’t remember his position being questioned and I guess he is the first player to be put on the starting-eleven.


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