A Testing Time…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

It’s interesting isn’t it? So many times this season that I’ve read that Swindon Town fans would like a season that’s rather dull. Well be careful what you wish for because we could be in for a rather tame end to the campaign. The problem is we’ve had a bit of a glimpse of something rather exciting and that makes tepid very dull indeed.

We’ve had a week of one defeat and a draw versus Leyton Orient and Crawley Town. Two results which have left us six points off the play offs with time and matches running out. Unrealistic to talk of play offs? Well let’s see what happens. A couple of months to go and it’s all up for grabs. Realistically I’m sticking with mid table and that’s pretty good for what the club has been through. We aren’t run by multi millionaires anymore. Fact of life.

From my point of view I haven’t done what I normally do this week. Watch Swindon Town. Work has prevented me seeing the two games. Thank goodness all is back to normal on Saturday with a trip to Gresty Road, Crewe. On the face of it’s not that exciting. There is though, one of the best chip shops in the Football League nearby so that makes it a highlight. As for what may happen? Well what we’d all like to see is a positive performance. I think we understand that the club is trying to play patient football. At times that can be, well boring. The example of Port Vale is the obvious one. Quick attacking football brought a result and a great display. Sheffield United, less said the better. We ARE good when we attack with pace. That’s what I want to see Saturday.

Good news this week with international call ups for two of our players Yaser Kasim (Iraq) and Massimo Luongo (Australia). It means that Swindon Town gets known on a wider stage which has to be a healthy thing.
So up the M5 and M6 we go…

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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