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It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

I write this as once again the rain lashes down in Devon. Just a few short miles from where I live the main railway line balances like a slender thread over the sea. People’s lives are being disrupted by the sheer power of Mother Nature. So it’s difficult to think about the importance of football in our daily lives.

That said, it’s something that provides a welcome relief in an otherwise pretty miserable couple of months. For instance, last Saturday gave us the opportunity to moan about the game rather than the appalling weather. The defeat to Oldham was one thing, the performance quite another. Lacking in quality, inspiration, well anything really. Changes were made with the JPT in mind. Great thanks. Who are we Manchester United?

I have a season ticket so obviously don’t pay as much as if I rocked up on the day. If I’d forked out full price for that I would have been livid. You see the thing is I know football clubs sometimes see things differently from us supporters. But you know what? We pay money, good money out of our pockets. We shouldn’t be short changed. Okay grumpy old man bit over. If it means a trip to Wembley then I suppose it might be worth it. Wembley. One of our favourite places isn’t it?

That may well be in the cards following the events at London Road. Played in old fashioned conditions, the first half was bizarre,  the second tense. Two own goals, one a cracker, one out of the Vic Morgan Sunday League drawer. A sending off and a fight back. It was all there. It means the tie is set up nicely for the second leg. Then, possibly, that nice day out in London. Looking forward to the expensive ticket, expensive food and long wait in the car park. I know shut up moaning. Got it thanks.

Before that a trip to Burslem. Weather permitting. Always a strange place to visit Port Vale with rows of empty yellow seats. Always interesting though. It’s a game which tends to throw up a decent result for the Town and odd things like a Lukas Magera goal. It was the venue of another fight back. Three down at half time only to level at three all in the days of Rory Fallon. Hope it’s on. The rain is still falling and the sky is a deep grey and the next low pressure is just around the corner. Thankfully so’s another Town game.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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