Travel sickness…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

So it goes on. Swindon Town’s wretched away form continues and so does the gentle meander down the league table. To be honest I didn’t leave Devon with high hopes last Saturday, more a feeling of the inevitable. That’s how it turned out. A cold bleak Priestfield, Gillingham afternoon is never one of life’s pleasures. It seems strange really that a team that can perform so well at the County Ground, can’t get its act together on the road. There were a couple of chances for the Town, but really you couldn’t argue with the result of a pretty dull game.

I remember one discussion on the supporters bus a season or so back about how we should enjoy the feeling of winning almost every game because things are bound to change. They have, but our league position is still better than three seasons ago and our expectations must remain modest. Most of our history has been spent in the division we’re in now. Unless very rich owners come in (been there), it’s likely we’ll remain there. Still it felt quite comforting to have a good moan on the way back to the south west. After all that’s quite a big part of football isn’t it? Just ask those Manchester United fans who’re experiencing at the moment, what most of us go through every week.

During the last few days there’s been the apparent settling of the dispute between the Advertiser and the club. It seemed to me that it was always going to be sorted in time for the next home game. It benefits no one for that situation to continue. The club should have a healthy relationship with its local media, with the proviso that, from time to time, things have to be written and said that may ruffle feathers. No media organisation can be a mouthpiece for another. There has to be a distance.

So it’s back home again this weekend. Shrewsbury come to the County Ground with Michael Jackson in charge. Feel free to insert your own puns, there are bound to be many used. The Shrews this week parted company with Graham Turner. A man who’s decided enough is enough after years of donning the managerial coat. An incredible career at a variety of clubs. You might remember he was the architect of the Shrews win over Manchester City in the FA Cup many years ago. A real football man and I wish him a happy retirement.

Of course I also hope for three points for our STFC on Saturday and on Tuesday at Walsall. Perhaps the match at the Bescott will be more of an indication for the rest of the season. Welcome, by the way, to Michael Smith our new striker. A strange has he hasn’t he kind of affair. At this time seems he has. Good luck and welcome to the wacky world of Swindon Town.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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