Consistently Inconsistent…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

It has been yet another frustrating week in the life of a Swindon Town fan. One minute a victory over one of the promotion favourites Peterborough United, the next a defeat by the side bottom of the table Stevenage.

There are no easy answers to this of course. Poor away form is something which has dogged many a team over the years. The real frustration, I guess, is that if the Town could have picked up a couple more wins on the road, then they would be nestling nicely in the top six. Maybe though that would be unrealistic.

Generally speaking you are where you deserve to be in the league and I’m still convinced a mid-table finish would be a success this season. After all the turmoil and changeover in players and personnel, most supporters would have happily taken where we are right now at the start of the campaign.

That win over Peterborough was based on another strong defensive display. The addition of Raphael Rossi Branco to the back line again proved to be crucial. He followed his substitute appearance at Bradford City with another excellent effort. I’ve been impressed with him and I hope his form continues.

Of course the sudden appearance of Nile Ranger provided much pre match interest and much post match controversy. A tweet revealing his presence in the squad led to the latest spat between a football club and it’s local newspaper. The banning of the Advertiser has provoked huge debate. Ever since I can remember, and that’s a long time, the Adver has proved a crucial link between Swindon Town and the fans. It was there before local radio and long before the instant communication of the internet.

Sometimes relations between club and reporters become strained. I’ve experienced that myself in the past. What should be recognised however, is that they need to get that relationship back on track. Journalists like Sam Morshead know they need to get stories, but in a responsible way. Sam is well aware of that. Even more so because he’s a Town fan. If information is out in the public domain as was the case on Saturday then it’s fair game.

Maybe in the age of Twitter everybody needs to think before they act. Maybe on club tours fans should be kept away from sensitive information just before a game. Surely if fans are allowed in the dressing room shirts could be turned so that names aren’t visible or they could be asked not to reveal team details until after 2 0’Clock. Simple eh? I hope it’s all sorted out quickly we need our local paper and it’s input to our lives.

To Saturday and I’m looking forward to a trip to our old mates Gillingham. It’s always a feisty affair. Let’s hope our away form sorts itself out.

As always keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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