Blunt at Blades…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

A very long day, yes a very long day. Last Saturday dragged and included a very dull game at Bramall Lane. You get those types of matches of course in football. Not every match can be full of thrills and spills and those two particular aspects were definitely doing their Christmas shopping last weekend.

I suppose the one thing you can take away is the last ten minutes of the first half. Swindon dominated during that time and could have got the breakthrough. It wasn’t to be and we came away with nowt but a dented bank balance. Oh well onward and upward…

We’ve come to that point in the season when you reflect on the first half of the campaign. At least you do if you have a few minutes in between the shopping, wrapping and eating etc.

To be fair I think it’s been pretty decent. Some of the football has been exhilarating, some of it more pedestrian than many would like. However 8th is rather good for a new squad of inexperienced players with a manager still feeling his way into the job. Highlights include Rotherham away which was absolutely fantastic and a cup run ending with the billionaires Chelsea paying us due respect at the County Ground. Not to mention an Area Final in the JPT.

So on the whole, pretty good would be a decent half term report.

What of the future and the second half of the campaign? What happens in January is crucial. We’ve no idea what players will be with us at the end of the transfer window. The lack of a strike force is a real problem. It was evident at the weekend that there was no real goal threat. We wait to see if that’s addressed. Although with no real funds available it appears big money signings are bottom of the agenda.

I’ll say what I said at the start of the season. Anywhere around the middle of the table will be a decent campaign and a solid platform for the future. I’m as keen as anyone to see the Town rub shoulders with the best, but I’m also a realist. Years of following Swindon have taught me to realise what’s important. That’s the future of the club not an instant hit of glory.

Anyway to the festive fixtures. Saturday sees one of the biggest clubs in the division come visiting. Coventry City have had major problems this season. No real home among them. Yet somehow they’ve come up with good results. A certain striker called Leon Clarke will be part of the squad. My how we could do with his goals right now.

Whatever happens we must keep supporting. Over 500 Town fans were there at Bramall Lane. Tremendous for a couple of weeks before Christmas. Unlike some, I thought some of the chanting by the Town fans lightened up a dull afternoon. Fun on the terraces, I’ve missed it.

Happy Christmas, remember Father Christmas wears red and white and IS a Town fan.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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