Paint Pot-ty…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

So then here we go just a couple of games from another trip to that Wem-ber-lee. I know we have the little matter of two matches against Peterborough to go through first, but don’t tell me you haven’t thought of getting back to the big arch and laying that recent national stadium hoodoo. Because of work commitments I missed the Stevenage tie. It meant another evening of trying to prepare for my Late Show in Devon while keeping an eye on any source I could to follow proceedings at the County Ground.

Typical Swindon, it didn’t turn out to be straightforward and goalkeeping heroics in the penalty shoot out saw Town through. Like Phil Smith before him, Tyrell Belfield took his chance between the sticks in place of the regular ‘keeper and shone when it mattered. Its quite a trend now isn’t it? Exeter, Charlton, Stevenage and others, have suffered the shoot out saves from a second string gloves man.

The JPT then is something to look forward too after Christmas. Before that there are vital league points to play for. With no game last Saturday, it was a chance to take stock. Changes in the boardroom mean a new majority shareholder and more realism. Its not a chucking money at it regime, but we knew that anyway. Austerity seems to be a buzzword in many walks of life these days. Perhaps living within your means is a better way to describe it.

As I’ve written before, there seems to be signs that players will go in January. So what shape the squad will be in at the close of the transfer window is unknown. As fans though, I think we should just give as much support as we can no matter what. We’ve been here before. The important thing is we have a club to support and that really is what matters.

Off to Sheffield on Saturday then. Last season we lost in a dismal way. The performance was lack lustre and deflating. I’m hoping for better this time round. United have had a poor season so far, a change in manager and will want to get a challenge on track. As far as I’m concerned they can challenge all they want, but after the weekend please. Early start from Devon but looking forward to it. It’ll be two weeks since I saw a game. That’s too long.

See you Oop North.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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