Macc Attack…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Lightning doesn’t strike twice apparently. Well that’s fine unless its the FA Cup when it obviously does. The defeat at Moss Rose was embarrassing and for any Town fan rather humiliating. To loose 4-0 to a non league team is bad enough, but to be outplayed is downright awful.

A long journey and a crushing disappointment. It brought to mind other great setbacks for Swindon. Tooting and Mitcham, Dagenham, Histon, all names likely to bring any fan out in a rash. There’s nothing quite like a cup shock unless of course its your team that’s on the end of it.

So what’s to be done? Should we give up and stop watching, or get over it and move on. The latter has to be the case. Football has a habit of literally kicking you in the teeth. It also gives you a chance to bounce back. That’s exactly what happened for Swindon Town.

The JPT tie against Wycombe was the ideal opportunity to restore a bit of faith. Didn’t look as though that was going to happen for a large part of the match. The League Two side took the lead and it looked as though another upset was on the cards. It was tough to watch.

Then a firework display close to the County Ground lit up the cold night sky and seemingly ignited Swindon’s performance. Two goals from Nicky Ajose, one right at the death, secured a last eight place. Walking away from the game I was thinking it was a win and it didn’t really matter how it came about. After the Macclesfield debacle it was very welcome.

Off to Colchester on Saturday then. Another tricky away trip. Swindon’s form on the road has been less than impressive. Apart from Rotherham which was superb, things haven’t been great away from the County Ground. Oldham, Preston, bad days at the travelling office.

Here’s to rehabilitation.

Keep it loud, keep it proud, keep it Swindon.


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