Vic Morgan Blog: New York…New York..?

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Seems odd doesn’t it? Off to New York on Saturday to watch the Town? Well technically Rotherham rather than Manhattan.

It got me wondering how do people come up with names like the New York Stadium for a ground in South Yorkshire. I’m sure it’s some sponsorship thing with money, rather than location, the prime reason. Still I think it sounds rather good. Just for a moment think about jetting off to the U.S. for the game rather than the North of England (government shutdown’s permitting).

It would probably be a shorter journey anyway. You could use a similar concept for Sunderland’s Stadium of Light. I understand the reason for that was that they just liked the sound of Benfica’s stadium name and so adopted it. I’ve no idea if it’s full of light. The weather in the North East can be somewhat dull in the winter. Rather nicer to think of a trip to Lisbon.

No it’s a weird thing the name of a stadium. I’ve looked into the history of our team’s ground and as far as I can make out, the area which included the cricket ground, used to be called Wiltshire’s County Ground. Hence the name we know now and I guess that makes sense. However with the onset of names like the Etihad, Emirate’s  and Galpharm, it’s all a little changeable.

As for the football? Well a satisfactory week for the Town. A somewhat laboured win over Tranmere Rovers kept up our rather excellent home form. A single penalty was all we could muster but the three points were secured and that’s job done.

The style of play has provoked much debate of course. There can’t be a Swindon fan who isn’t giving this some thought as the moment. Too much passing? Not enough direct play? Too boring? All comments I’ve read and heard. It’s not exciting and it’s dull to watch. Are two more. So does it matter? Swindon won against Rovers and then (living in Devon thank goodness) against Argyle in the week As long as the team is winning should we be too concerned with the way we play?

You’ll perhaps recall that last season the term Hoofball was used when a certain PDC was in charge. Again it was at a time when the results were going our way and the goals were flowing. I’m sure it’ll sort itself out. Maybe the muddy pitches of winter will force a change of style that might please everyone. Now that’s Impossible.

I’m off to check my passport and visa. South Yorkshire can be a difficult place to get into.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.

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