STFC Player of the Month Result: August

Our Index calculates the Swindon Town Player of the Month by assessing the key statistics from all league and cup matches. The August result is in…

2013.08 Player of the Month August

Wes Foderingham secures another victory in our Player of the Month calculations. The ‘keeper has secured four clean sheets from playing all seven games during the month. Add to that a save rate of 80.7% and his consistent form throughout August sees Wes just beat his teammates.

Nathan Thompson is our August runner up. The right back’s goal against Gillingham and assist, along with playing six of the seven games, pushes Town’s longest serving player into second in this month’s calculation. Just reward for Swindon’s 2012/13 Player of the Season.

Ryan Mason is third. His midfield performance against Crewe, which included a hat trick and an assist, won the Spurs loanee 21 of his 29 points for August; a staggering total. Had Ryan scored the penalty he would’ve picked up 28 points for that game alone, although still 0.5 points behind Foderingham.

Agree or disagree with the statistics..? Who receives your for Player of the Month nomination?

How it works…

Swindon Town players receive a score based on their performance in all league and cup fixtures based upon the statistics collated by the Press Association and published by BBC Sport. The format of the scoring is very similar to that used in the Fantasy Premier League, with some exceptions.

  • For playing up to 60 minutes = 1 point
  • For playing 60 minutes or more = 2 points
  • For each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender = 6 points
  • For each goal scored by a midfielder = 5 points
  • For each goal scored by a forward = 4 points
  • For each hat trick scored = 3 points
  • For each goal assist = 3 points
  • For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender = 4 points
  • For a clean sheet by a midfielder = 1 point
  • For every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper = 1 point
  • For each penalty save = 5 points
  • For each substitute appearance having a positive impact on the final result = 2 points
  • For each substitute appearance having a negative impact on the final result = minus 2 points
  • For each penalty miss = minus 2 points
  • For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender = minus 1 point
  • For each yellow card = minus 1 point
  • For each red card = minus 3 points
  • For each own goal = minus 2 points


  • What is Byrne classed as for this? If he’s a defender he’s going to get a lot of point for what he does as a winger!!

    Anyway, good to see Ward does so well. He’s my player of the month.


    • The statistics take into account where each player plays in each game. So if one game Byrne appears as a full back then he collects points as a defender, whereas if he plays as a midfielder then he collects points in that position.


  • Interesting to see Williams above Harley – well above anyone really – but particularly Harley as, for me, he is as good as the others in that midfield delivering some lovely passes and a cracking cross for Thompson to score. The only one he didn’t get right was the slow ball to Mason against Gills…


  • Harley has been my player of the month. He is like a smooth machine in midfield. Also I believe the best is still to come from him – especially goalscoring.


    • I’d completely agree with that. Very different player from Mason. On Sat, Mason was pushing forward from the start, dragging his marker up-field. And he was rewarded for that.Harley is a bit more of a sitter but he’ll certainly get some goals. How wonderful to have the alternative – and to cover Mass too.


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