Vic Morgan Blog: Chelsea await, excited..? YESSSSS

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

So when you heard the draw how did you feel? Was it mild indifference or did you, like me, make strange whooping noises that would have scared anything within hearing distance.

I was about to present my Late Show to the BBC’s South West cluster when the news came through and so there I was in my lonely sound proofed room trying to take in the news. Chelsea… Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea at the County Ground. Never mind that it may not be a full strength Blues team, never mind we’re the underdogs, just never mind.

A fantastic draw. One which sends a tingle down the spine of any self respecting Swindon fan. Its just less than a month away but like Christmas you want it NOW.

Its difficult to explain to a non football person what that feeling is like. The anticipation, sometimes the disappointment, of a fantastic game at home against one of the top four clubs in the land. Our ground under the lights on cup night. Simply brilliant.

Before that of course, there are some crucial league matches to come. September is a tricky month. Away games at MK, Wolves and Preston. Home ties against the likes of Bristol City. It could be a month which shows us just how good this young Swindon squad is.

The signs are promising. While the football isn’t rip snortingly exciting, it’s cultured and pleasing on the eye. It’s impressed QPR fans that’s for sure.

Against Gillingham in the first half I was convinced I would never be able to turn my neck again. My head was firmly stuck in one position looking at the Stratton Bank. Talk about almost total domination but without the killer touch. Still lets hope that arrives against Crewe on Saturday.

What a week. A decent point, a great cup win, a Robert Plant concert and THAT draw.

If Carlsberg made weeks……

Keep it loud keep it proud, well obviously keep it SWINDON.



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