Vic Morgan Blog: Striking While The Iron’s Hot…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Much of the Swindon Town speculation this week has centred around a new striker, or Centre Forward for those of us old enough to remember such a phrase. Well one story has emerged to gladden the hearts of even the most cynical, OK I said most, football fan.

Rickie Lambert. A player who’s plagued the Town wherever he’s been, is the latest overnight international sensation with a goal from his first touch for England. While the headlines are grabbed mostly by footballers who are somewhat ridiculously described as world class, Lambert has made his way up the league ladder quietly and effectively.

I remember one game at the Mem when Lambert volleyed home for Bristol Rovers from about 15 yards and one Town fan saying “wouldn’t have him in our team”. It brought an astonished silence from many and a chorus of “well I would”.

I don’t know and have never met Rickie Lambert. Every so often in sport though, a story comes along that warms the old cockles and I guess this is one of them. Persistence really does pay off. Whether he gets another call up is down to Roy Hodgson. We’ll see.

Lambert also falls into the “Town fans love to hate” section. Along with the likes of John McGinley of Bolton and Steve Clarridge of…well anyone really. They all had the annoying “always score against the Town” ability and a grudging respect. Players who love to get goals whatever the situation, flying boots and all.

Just goes to prove there are players out there from the lower leagues that can find the net at whatever level. Here’s hoping that Swindon can come up with one over the next hours, days, weeks. Seems to have been going on for months. Oh it has.

Still a decent enough start for the Town. Three points from two games and a place in the next round of the League Cup. Not to be sneezed at. All that without a manager, apparently.

Having missed last Saturday’s game because of work commitments, I’m counting the hours to the Shrewsbury match. A rarity of a goal from Simon Ferry was enough to win the match there last season. Hopefully a similar result this time round.

Despite all the rancour that’s appeared over the summer there appears to be genuine optimism among Town fans. Early days of course. As summer draws to a close with a procession of wins against Australia, just thought I’d drop that in, it would be nice to see autumn continue in the same vein. I’ve no idea what this season has in store but the football’s good and well, it’s football. That’s all you need to know.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.

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