Vic Morgan Blog: The Final Countdown…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

You know how it hurts now.

The feeling of complete dejection when that Brentford penalty went in.

Okay just after half time we would gladly have taken a penalty shootout and whatever came with it. However then came the fight back and there can’t have been one Town fan watching either at Griffin Park or on a TV screen somewhere, who wouldn’t have thought we were on our way to victory when Aden Flint equalised.

To have played so badly in the first half and still have been in the game was amazing. It was a true statement of guts and determination from the boys in blue.

The problem is, as a fan, the worst thing in football is hope. When you’re being beaten badly that’s something you can more or less accept. To get within touching distance of what we desire and then to have it snatched away by the cruel gods of football is bitter indeed.

The Flint moment is one which will be relived over and over again. It was similar to the Miles Storey Villa equaliser and multiplied many fold. It was just the best feeling.

I’ve been privileged to see many of the Town’s greatest matches over the past forty five years. Wembley ’69 and so on live in folklore. So will the Flint header. Pure joy in a second. If you could bottle that feeling you’d make a fortune.

Sadly though victory wasn’t to be.

As for the aforementioned Miles Storey… All I can say is nobody blames you. Nobody.

There was a flurry from some who seemed to think it clever to have a go at a young player who’d had the most devastating moment of his career so far. Well anyone who does that needs to take a long look at themselves. If they can share how they’re so perfect I think we’d all be grateful.

Miles the Town fans salute you for having the bottle to take that penalty. Your career will be stronger for it.

As for the season itself? Well it has to be one of the craziest even for our more than crazy club.

In August seemingly settled with money behind us and a manager who was driven, we found ourselves in January possibly looking at oblivion. We have new owners and we wait to see what the future holds.

Our first indication will be when we find out the sort of squad we’ll have next term. One thing’s for sure none of us want to go through what we went through over the past few months.

At times breath taking, at times infuriating. This past season had it all. My word for it quite simply is BONKERS. No one could have predicted the events of the last few weeks. Don’t tell me it doesn’t hurt just a little bit when you see a certain Italian praising the Sunderland fans.

For now I’m glad the summer break is here. A chance to recharge and re energize  We’ll all be ready come the first week in August. You see the problem is we can’t live without this game which sees 22 grown men kicking a bag of wind around our award winning grass.

For the moment though keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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