Vic Morgan Blog: Wembley Is in Sight..?

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest ‘exclusive’ blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

It wasn’t great was it the Scunthorpe experience…

Despite going in front with just a few minutes to go it all came apart in spectacular fashion. I was transported back to the bad old days of the Seventies and Eighties as apparently grown up men decided to show how hard they were by wanting to fight. Any idea how tiresome that is?

How absolutely pointless. Nobody cares about tales of rumbles past and how you took on the other group of similar mind. All it did Saturday was disrupt the game and lead to a disappointing end for Swindon fans who were there for the football. Can’t wait for the indignation to flow.

You can’t preach like this, who do you think you are? Well I’m someone who pays good money to watch my team not so called hard men look ridiculous. Its 2013 not 1973. As for the bloke with the Scunthorpe flag… Get one you can manage.

We’re now right in the bit that matters. We’ve had the regular season, now its down to the next few days. Wembley is in sight but first we have to play a Brentford side possibly deflated, possibly fired up by last day disappointment.

The closest I can recall to that ending at Griffin Park was our play off defeat at Brighton. Just moments away from the final only for ultimate penalty disappointment.

It once worked in our favour though. Tuesday January the 1st 1974. Not a great season for the Town. In fact a bottom of the table finish and relegation.

On that day though Swindon were 2-1 with seconds to go. Preston were awarded a penalty at the Stratton Bank end. Enter Jimmy Allan to make the save, ball cleared and David Moss scores to make it 3-1 Swindon. A great way to celebrate the one of the first New Year’s Day holidays.

Sadly the drop followed with just 25 points. There weren’t many highlights in the three day week, power cut gloom of winter.

So what’s going to happen this weekend? Of course our boys are going to force their way to Wembley with two glorious victories against the Bees.

We want exciting free flowing football highlighting all the best that League One has to offer. Actually a scrappy one nil aggregate win over two legs will do thanks. Brentford have beaten us enough this season. Its our turn now.

Whatever happens will go into Swindon Town folklore. Hopefully for all the right reasons.

For the moment though keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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