Vic Morgan Blog: And So It Came to Pass…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest ‘exclusive’ blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

After a lot of gloom and doom we DID make the play offs.

A couple of weeks ago it appeared that our beloved football team was heading for a season of oblivion. It was being said that it would be a disaster if we didn’t make the top six and that we wouldn’t get another point or even score a goal for the rest of the season.

Well the last two home games dispelled all that and for a NEWLY promoted side to still be in with a chance of another promotion a season later is fantastic.

I’ve been constant all term in my view that a top ten finish would be very good. Anything above that exceptional. Well a possibility of fourth is brilliant. Yes we had the chance to go up automatically. Yes it was well within our grasp. But hey these things happen.

Other clubs have set the pace this year and have fallen away completely. So I think on balance with all the off the field turmoil that’s been going on, its been a pretty darn good season.

Last Saturday against Stevenage was a fine way to sign off the regular campaign at home. Lots of fine passing football. Two home wins on the bounce for KMAC and all of a sudden a lot of the needless vitriol that has come his way has disappeared.

Not quite sure why people feel the need to get personal over things. Alright there was a dip in form after the previous manager left. However, there were signs that a slight slump may have occurred before he left. So the form is good going into the play offs. Lets hope some of the lumps and bumps will have cleared up to get the strongest squad available.

Quite what sort of squad we’ll have next season is open to conjecture. Already the rumours are flying around about players like Simon Ferry and Aden Flint being coveted by other clubs. This is inevitable if you’re successful.

What you would hope is that Swindon Town moves quickly to sort out the contracts of the players that KMAC needs to (A) survive in the Championship (B) mount a serious challenge again next season in League One. Lets hope its the former.

So to sunny Scunny on Saturday. An early start and hopefully a winning conclusion to the regular season. Of course it may mean we relegate a team that was, until recently, in the league above. Just goes to show how quickly fortunes change in this game we love called football.
Long old journey but worth every moment of it.

For the moment though keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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