Vic Morgan Blog: Does It Feel Better Yet..?

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Its amazing how different things can feel in the space of three days isn’t it?

Last Saturday after the game at Sheffield United things looked rather bleak. There were a lot of bemused faces on the supporters’ coaches after another disappointing afternoon. It felt like the Town were involved in a relegation scrap rather than looking for promotion.

Quite frankly Swindon were battered by a team that were stronger in most departments and obviously fired up after a change in manager.

It was difficult to see when and if another win would come. There were one or two bright moments. The debut of Mark Francis showed a lot of promise and its great to see another of the club’s youth products coming through.

Three days later and it is another scenario altogether. Four goals, three points and the play offs beckon. A lot of the doom and gloom was lifted and KMAC gets his first victory at the County Ground. Another win on Saturday against Stevenage and Swindon once again get invited to the end of season after party.

This at a time when clearly resources are somewhat stretched at the County Ground. Injuries have taken their toll and squad selection becomes a bit of a problem. Here’s hoping then that no further problems arise on that front and we can go into the post season with as clean a bill of health as possible.

While all of the above is very important to us as football fans other events this week have put a lot of things into perspective. The Boston marathon bombings have left an indelible mark on the past few days. Many of us have taken part in or supported similar races in the past and so can empathise with those affected. I wish all those caught up in Monday’s explosions all the best for the future.

This week also marked the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. Sadly one of the campaigners for the truth of that terrible day passed away on Thursday: Anne Williams, who lost her son Kevin at that FA Cup semi final, died at the age of 62. After years of campaigning Anne and her colleagues in the battle for justice are getting to the truth. A fitting epitaph.

So to Saturday. One more win and then we’re guaranteed extra matches and that post-season lottery know as the play offs. Its been a long and exhausting campaign. I guess we’ll just have to put in that little bit more. I don’t think we’ll need much persuading.

One more thing. I know much more is being said elsewhere about this and by much more qualified people than I who are far more informed to comment than I am as a humble season ticket holder. But its time for a clear statement of intent from our football club’s owners.

Lets dispel all the rumours once and for all and tell us where we’re going. I’ll leave it up to the better qualified people to get the answers.

For the moment though keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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