Vic Morgan Blog: Ice Station Zebra…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

That’s my new name for Doncaster.

Not very original but there you are. If you were there you would know what I mean. If you weren’t there all you had to do was venture outside and you would get a flavour of what it was like. Cold, Cold and Cold.

As for the match? Not much to say. No shots on target and a couple over the bar. That was it.

The pitch resembled Dawlish Warren beach, although to be fair as I only live six miles from Dawlish I would say it’s in better nick. So some excuse for the players there. But to be honest, I expected more in a top of the table match live on TV.

If I’d been watching on the box I would have not taken much convincing to turn over to “Neighbours”. Weather’s better and the plot line would have been smarter.

On the drive home the radio was full of our ex-manager’s appointment at the Stadium of Light. Arguments we’d heard two years earlier when PDC made his way to the County Ground. Never has the word fascist been bandied about with such abandon. Like the game, I got rather bored with it.

It’s interesting that now he’s in the mighty (zzzz) Premier League this is news. Quite frankly I’m guessing most Sunderland fans just want their team to stay up and aren’t too concerned with the political views of their manager.I can remember similar feelings expressed from Town supporters.

We’ll sit and view from outside the events in the North East. Really though our concern will be whether Swindon Town get a tilt at promotion in the run-in.

After our last two games there are, not surprisingly, rumblings about our ability to make the jump to the Championship. That allows all sorts of conspiracy theories to spring up about the reasons we might miss out.

Certainly defensively we don’t seem to be the same team. We concede in most games now where until recently we hardly ever saw the ball go into our net. That and the inability to register at the other end is a major cause for concern.

Still there’s hope yet. Other teams around us are also dropping points and if we can get some of our consistency back then there is still a chance. That’s a big word isn’t it consistency? We all strive for it whatever we may do. We all try and be the best we can every day. Somehow though, certainly for me anyway, that’s not always possible.

Is it possible for the Town in the last few games ? I’d really like to hope so because we were given an outstretched hand to the Championship it would be very frustrating to see that hand snatched away now.

I, like many other Town fans I’m sure, have been a little unconvinced about our chances of going up since Monday. But head up boy and hope that feeling disappears between now and the end of April. Can’t say I’d relish the play-offs. If the players are tired at this time of the season so are fans. Long journeys take their toll. So if we could avoid post season play by getting automatic then we’d be very grateful.

At the end of the season we debrief and consider what’s been a remarkable campaign in many ways for STFC.

For the moment though keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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