Vic Morgan Blog: Alls Well ‘Bargo…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

And so it did come to pass. The lifting of the mighty M’Bargo. One of the most dogged and annoying midfield terriers ever to plague the County Ground. There can be fewer subjects that have so dominated Swindon fans than this restriction on the signing of players. It has hung around for weeks, a new Pope has been elected, we’ve had a budget and Spring has arrived. Oh wait a minute that last thing didn’t happen.

There can have been no Thursday like it. In days past we would have waited for Friday’s Adver to tell us what had happened. Now we have instant news and reaction. Some of the comment throughout Thrilling Thursday reached hysterical proportions.

Conspiracy theories were bandied about like confetti and insults flew. Surely it was a case of wait and see. Perhaps us older fans can take a step back having been through things like this many times. But one thing I have to admit. I was hooked on the drama of it all.

Suspense grew as the day went on and then at 5pm…..nothing. No word as to whether M’Bargo had returned to his parent club. That just added to the whole thing. Then news broke that the Town could at last sign players and they’d added three Spurs men to the squad.

Not only a much needed boost to the players at KMacs’ disposal but an indication that Swindon’s new Board are in a financial position to make a difference. Quite how big that difference will be we’ll find out in time. For the moment it means we can concentrate on what we want for our club and that’s a tilt at the Championship.

It starts today with the Oldham home game. A chance for Town fans to throw off any negativity and get full square behind the team and OUR manager.

I’ve been surprised by some of the comment regarding KMAC. To me he seems a sensible football man who knows what he’s doing. No histrionics, we’ve had our share of those, just straightforward management. He’s also been out watching players in games. How old fashioned is that, not relying on DVD’s but getting a first hand view of potential signings even if he wasn’t sure he could sign them. Seems incredibly sensible to me.

So it would be nice now all the immediate restrictions are out of the way, just to get back to football until the end of April.

As for the football? Well we should have seen off Notts County. Again Wes made a super save late on and we saw one of the comedy highlights of the season. Alan Sheehan’s free kick seriously endangered the fire station on the other side of the Magic Roundabout.

Really though the chances were there. Lets hope we take them against Oldham before that long and tough trip to Donny, surely one of if not THE game of the season. Really looking forward to both.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it Embargo free SWINDON.


One comment

  • Well written, a bit of calm in stormy waters. Like the comment about KMac. “Seems incredibly sensible to me” Let’s hope this new (new?) approach pays off


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