Vic Morgan Blog: Where Does This M’Bargo Play Then..?

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

I know its an old joke but it sometimes needs repeating. I’ve no idea why the restriction on signing new players has been in force for so long. Remember since we last added to the squad, a Pope has resigned and a new one elected. So the Vatican at least has been able to fill the midfield general role.

The off the field situation at the County Ground has filled miles of Internet forum space. There’s never a day goes by when the words “could”, “might”, “possibly” or “maybe” don’t appear allied to that M’Bargo bloke.

Does it matter? On the evidence of Tuesday night at Yeovil, no.

The current pool of players seem capable of picking up results in the midst of adversity and that does them great credit. Credit also goes to Kevin MacDonald. Our new manager seems a “just get on with it” football man. No histrionics, just makes do with what he has. I’ve seen him criticised because he seems rather quiet on the touchline.

Does that matter as long as he can coach and make game changing substitutions?

What will be a challenge for the remaining games is how a smaller squad deals with fatigue over the last weeks of a challenging season. There’s no doubting the fitness installed by the previous regime and no doubt carefully managed now.

Rest and recovery will be vital with the busy run-in to the 27th of April. One thing we’ve seen much evidence of since KMac has been in charge is his willingness to give youth team players the chance to travel with the first team. Again being sensible with the resources he has at his disposal.

Who knows what will happen over the next five weeks. It’s another Swindon Town roller coaster.

As for silence from the Boardroom? Sometimes it can be just about people getting on with the task at hand. I don’t know the people involved and to be honest I’m not, with all due respect, interested in the politics of it.

All I care about is that the team many of us have poured years and thousands of pounds into supporting will carry on. That’s all that matters. Not interested in plans of three year or five year duration. None of this “We’ll be in the Premier League in five years” rubbish. Just a guarantee that Swindon Town is safe and well run. That’ll do for me and for my part I’ll carry on supporting at matches whenever I can.

You see its in our blood isn’t it this game of football and Swindon is OUR team. It’s about eleven blokes in red kicking a ball about. Not status or ego its football pure and simple.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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