Vic Morgan Blog: A Brave New World…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Had a long telephone conversation the other day with a leading member of the Supporters Club committee. Ok it was Roger Bunce.

We worked out that we’d been supporting STFC for about the same length of time which would make sense as we’re about the same age. During those sometimes painful, but strangely always enjoyable, years we’d worked out twenty seven managers had come and gone from the County Ground office.

Some have been caretakers or temporary of course but that’s still quite a few. Some have made a bigger impression than others obviously. Starting for me with Danny Williams and on through Lou Macari, Ossie Ardilles, Glenn Hoddle and the latest departure Paolo DiCanio.

So where does PDC in the Swindon Town managerial pantheon ? Okay let’s leave to one side all the talk of the money available to spend, although of course that helps, and lets focus on impact.

All of the above have one thing in common. A tenure that lives forever as some of the greatest times in the history of the club. If you, like me, were at Wembley in 1969, 1990 and three years later, remind me how you felt at the final whistle and how good was it ?

The same can be said of the Macari years on nights against Chester and Gillingham. That same feeling came back over the past eighteen months. Special days against Port Vale, Wigan, and many more. Yes its been great but like all things its now at an end and we enter a new chapter.

Earlier this week there was a Twitter item about the first game you saw. Instead of the absolute bile that was spilled over the Rafa Benitez Chelsea rant, there were wonderful memories and a reminder why we love this game.

Before I get accused of moralising again just think its a game that persuades 95 Bury fans to travel to Swindon on a cold Tuesday. Watch a rubbish match and go away delirious that their side had won. We on the other hand were in the depths of despair. That’s football.

So the white smoke has emerged from the County Ground chimney and Kevin MacDonald will make his managerial debut for Swindon Town at one of his former clubs Coventry City tomorrow.

Another bold appointment by a Town board and hopefully a happy ending to what’s been an unsteady few days. From the reaction from Swindon fans and from the Aston Villa supporters, where Kevin has been assistant  it appears a positive move.

Decent player in his time and it looks like a decent coach with contacts at clubs like Villa and Liverpool where he once also played in a successful team . We wish you well Kevin, if you succeed we succeed…simple really.

Over two thousand of us will be at Coventry on Saturday. A great way to start that brave new world.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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