Vic Morgan Blog: Have I Missed Anything..?

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

So how’s your last week been? Been stuck by a computer or on your smart phone? Looking for any scrap of information you might be able to find about what may or may not be going on at Swindon Town? Waiting for that one piece of news that our club is finally sold?

Well that moment arrived just before I started to write this. Confirmation has come through that the man, or woman, from the Football League finally said yes.

I have no idea how long takeovers take to complete. Having never been in business, I have no idea if its a normally long or short process. All I do know is this one seemed to be going well but taking an eternity.

In the meantime our manager decided to leave and take most of his backroom staff with him. A blow? Of course it is but that’s HIS decision. What he’s left is a team at the top of the table. A squad that HE’D put together was at the pinnacle…again.

Managers come and managers go of course. What I find odd though, and perhaps needs explaining, is why you would leave when you have the chance to put another promotion on your CV. You could then leave in the summer if you wanted with an amazing record for a first managerial job.

Whether we ever get that answer is perhaps for another day.

What isn’t in doubt is that Swindon Town appear to have a remarkable group of players. To put all the off field disruption behind them and still have the drive and, yes that word again, passion to the get to the top is astounding.

Personally I’m delighted that Darren Ward and Tommy Miller are in charge of team affairs this weekend. Darren is my kind of player. Tough, committed and downright good. I’m sure he’s going to do well as a manager one day. I’ve said before that he reminds me of Frank Burrows.

I wish him well. Tommy is a midfielder you don’t notice. A player who does his job quietly and efficiently helping the team knit together. They seem a good combination.

Then there’s the return of one Fraser Digby. The man who this website owes its name too. To me one of the three greatest goalkeepers in my years of watching the Town. Rightly up there with Peter Downsborough and Jimmy Allan. A true legend and back as goalkeeping coach.

And so to our new owners. All we can do is wish you well and our continued support. Please treat our club well and we’ll be behind you all the way starting on Saturday. Oh and thank you for wanting to keep Swindon Town alive.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.



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