Vic Morgan Blog: Waiting For My Man…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

There’s that play isn’t there “Waiting for Godot”? Well that’s how it is for Swindon Town fans at the moment. Gazing patiently into the middle distance to see if our collective knights in shining armour appear. This weird time in limbo allows us the luxury of conspiracy theories and the like. It allows us to panic, dream and hope, all at the same time.

So that’s enough of that. Another blog written and still we wait…patiently. Hopefully by the time this appears the waiting will be over and the new consortium will be in place…but then again.

To the football then. A wonderful turnout and atmosphere last Saturday shame about the result. We saw a goalkeeping performance of Poland 1973 proportions and a host of missed chances. We also saw the return of a familiar ghost. As soon as Andy Monkhouse started warming up we knew the inevitable would happen…and it did.

There is a law written somewhere in the Cosmos that certain players always score against the Town. Over the years the likes of John McGinley, Ricky Lambert and our old mate Monkhouse, are created just to hit the back of the Swindon net. The Soothsayers amongst us know that when these players appear on a pitch against us it IS written that they shall end up in the goalscorers column next day.

Don’t quite know why that is. Maybe the collective anxiety from those able to foretell the future reaches our defence and they allow the ball to be given to the chosen one.
Anyhoo Andy, next time give us a break eh?

The draw against the ‘Pool, and bless their one hundred plus fans true salt of the earth, meant we missed out on a chance for prolonged singing of “We are Swindon we’re top of the league”. It broke out briefly and brought back fond memories of last season. Will we get a chance to sing it again before the end of April? Well its still all up for grabs.

It’s got to be one of the most open League One promotion races for some time. Not only are clubs aiming for the top they’re changing managers at an alarming rate. At the time of writing Mark Robbins has left Coventry after turning their fortunes round in a gold watch deserving few months in charge. At the other end of the table Preston have also parted company with their man in the hot seat. Lets hope there are no such changes at the County Ground anytime soon.

Still its twelve hours between writing this and it appearing on “The Washbag” so who knows what may have occurred by then.

A weekend off then for us STFC watching folk. A chance perhaps to attend to gardens, weather permitting, or other chores neglected because of this game we love. I can’t even go and watch Exeter because they’ve decided to play Accrington Stanley on Friday in an effort to drag in more fans. Well due to the fact I work at night you’ve missed out on my money Grecians so that didn’t work did it?

On the football in Devon front. Get well soon Martin Ling. The Torquay United manager and twice former Swindon player, is unwell at the moment. We wish Lingy all the best for a speedy recovery and return to the Plainmoor dugout.

So enjoy the weekend off and lets keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON.


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