Vic Morgan Blog: Let’s Pool Together…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

With the qualification that this is written ahead of ratification, Armageddon, resignation, or anything else that may have happened since I wrestled with this keyboard, I’d like to think positive.

Just think all is well and we go into Saturday’s game against Hartlepool in good shape on and off the pitch. After all the team could just COULD go top of League One. Wouldn’t that be a great way to celebrate any potential takeover completion.

I’d also like to think the manager is settled and new signings are ready to help us into the Championship. Not much to ask is it ? After all we’re told the club is in good shape and so it should be relatively plain sailing. I know this is a very simplistic way of looking at a very complicated situation. But as an outsider looking in that’s all I can do.

What is evident is that emotion is running high at the moment. Last Saturday’s game at Crawley was more of a Paolo Di Canio rally. Genuine feelings of fans wanting a manager to stay poured out.

Over the seasons we’ve had our fair share of leaders who’ve brought much to the table. However I think in all the years I’ve been watching the club, I can’t remember such a bond between the fans and the manager…except maybe once.

Comparisons are obvious between the situation now and that of Easter 1985. You might remember on Good Friday that Lou Macari was sacked. A weekend of true fan power followed and the former Manchester United player was back in the hot seat by the following Tuesday. Extraordinary times. Even all these years later, I can just about remember every twist and turn of that dramatic few days.

What we’re also seeing is a proper siege mentality with a massive victory over Colchester against all the odds. Illness, injury, possible takeover, the background to that win in Essex. PDC made another of those substitutions which seem to work instantly and James Collins delighted the 330 Swindon souls at the ground with the vital goal.

Would Swindon Town carry on without the charismatic Italian? Of course it would, but what a hole it would leave. Even down to that scarf waving ceremony after the game, PDC is such a part of the club. In less than two seasons he’s made watching Swindon fun again. After recent dark times we now go to games believing we’ll win.

That includes Saturday. Cheap tickets mean that there should be another large crowd. With the possible table topping scenario it should be a belter. For goodness sake if you can why wouldn’t you be there ?

Keep it loud Keep it proud Keep it SWINDON



With all this Paolo Di Canio turmoil we were wondering if our readers would like to download a poster and show your support for the manager…

Simply download by clicking on the image below, or right click here and save the link to your computer, then find a printer, select print – an A3 or larger size would have the greatest impact – stick on your bedroom wall or at work, or just take the poster along this Saturday and wave it in the air at every opportunity; as ‘In Paolo We Trust’. Then recycle…

Di Canio Poster

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