Vic Morgan Blog: Ever Changing Moods…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

It’s always difficult writing one of these weekly ramblings. Mostly because big words defeat me, but also because you can be caught out by things happening as soon as you’ve written and sent it.

Take last week for example. I wrote the column and dispatched it to Ron early because I was off to London to watch the New York Knicks take on the Detroit Pistons at the O2. Then just a few hours later the news broke about owner Andrew Black wanting to sell Swindon Town.

It was something we kind of knew anyway but it was the first time we’d had definite news that he wanted out. So by the time this appears on Friday morning I wouldn’t be surprised if the clubs new backers were in place. That would be the best outcome of course, a quick resolution and a happy and stable future.

Certainly from the noises coming out of the County Ground, it would appear that talks may be going well. There are all sorts of stories about when this has to be sorted. We do know that Mr.Black isn’t keen on funding STFC beyond the end of this month. That’s less than a week away so times a’pressin.

What a quick deal would also do is get rid of some of the nonsense we’ve seen or heard about the state of the club’s finances. Apparently there are experts out there who know every detail of who Swindon owe money too and yet have nothing to do with the County Ground. Its amazing really.

I’m not terribly sure how much I owe for one thing or another, so I’m not about to guess about the Town’s balance sheet. We’re assured that the only money owed is to the backers and not to HMRC and other creditors. If that’s the case then its a healthy place to be for any new owners.

What everyone wants then is to know our club will be in place next season and beyond. We’ve been here before and we’ve come out the other side. Here’s to that happy and stable future. Lets see what this next week brings.

As for the Football? A pretty dominant performance against Shrewsbury wasn’t it…

A regulation victory put us smack bang in the frame for a place in the top two. A half time threat of training at 5AM on Sunday from the manager appeared to do the trick and it was nice to see Chris Martin get his first Town goal.

Once again our ‘keeper had little to do but pulled off a great penalty save. Wes is one of the best young custodians in the country and after the early season hissy fit at Preston has got better and better. It was a result which paid back the volunteers who’d cleared the pitch covering of snow in fine style.

So to Tranmere. A copper bottom six pointer against a side who’s manager has just signed a new extension to his contract.

I’m not expecting another five-nil but I am expecting a really good football match. Its going to be a long day but well worthwhile and there’ll be lots to talk about on the supporters bus.

Probably by the time you’ve read this the martians will have landed and Darth Vadar will have expressed an interest in buying the club. Well I welcome you Darth and good luck. There, that’s me covered then.

See you at Prenton Park.

Keep it loud Keep it proud Keep it SWINDON


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