Vic Morgan Blog: Happy Birthday Washbag…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Three years old and a joy to read. That’s my view of this website. Now I know I write for it but I genuinely think its one of the best around. So great credit goes to many people especially to Ron who edits The Washbag. Brilliant stuff Ron and here’s to the next three years and beyond.

So on to the events of the week. That expression felt like a wet week in Bournemouth has never been more appropriate. On leaving Devon the rain started around the Honiton area and it continued to pour down until ironically reaching our destination. That was soon put right though as a steady drizzle turned into a downpour which carried on throughout the match between the Cherries and the Town.

There were times we thought the game wouldn’t go on. It was credit to both teams and the hard work of the groundstaff that the fixture was completed. I thought it was a real old fashioned blood and guts encounter. The football wasn’t classic but it was never going to be. Swindon got a well deserved equaliser and most people seemed very happy with a point.

As for the weather? Well the rain carried on relentless. It just wasn’t going to stop. Puddles got bigger and the windscreen wipers were going so fast we thought we might take off. It got worse and the A35 was shut in two places which meant detours to find our way back.

I should also say at this point that someone came to the rescue with a map to enable me to find the way back to the road I needed. So thank you kind person and I shall always be grateful to someone who was out in the rain purely to help others. It was certainly a lesson to me that there is still a bit of kindness in this sometimes cynical world.

Television has meant the rearrangement of several Swindon fixtures. Its something that we as fans have little control over. Having games changed these days is commonplace and I suppose we have to get used to it. However it means a change to our travel plans including applying for leave to go to the matches. Bit of a pain but there you are.

I hope that the weather won’t play too much of a part in the football this weekend. Another home match for the Town against the Shrews which gives us a real chance to keep the pressure on at the top of the table. Football is so much a game of ups and downs that any opportunity to keep on the upward curve has to be a good thing.

Its ten years this week that Swansea were bottom of what is now League Two. The Swans are now looking comfortable in the Premier League. That’s what can be achieved. At the moment we’re where we were three seasons ago. However real progress has been made in the past two years…

It appears that another matter has cropped up this week. Small thing like the future of our club. You know when things are great with the Town something will come along to dent that happiness. The A word has been mentioned again although as I understand it not from the club. I wrote in the Adver several weeks ago that a statement of intent is needed. Now more than ever. Is our club in trouble or not. I’m not panicking yet but let’s hear why we shouldn’t.

A word about the backing at Bournemouth. Fantastic support on a rubbish day. Almost constant the rain perhaps..and absolute joy at the equaliser. Great to be a part of it in spite of the trials and tribulations later in the day. With backing like that this could be one of the best seasons for many years. The prize is the Championship. Says it all.

Hope we have football this week, miss it when its not there and happy birthday TheWashbag.

Keep it loud Keep it proud Keep it SWINDON


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