Vic Morgan Blog: Terrific Ten…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

So it was a long time ago that this happened before? Way back in the days of heavy boots big moustaches and slicked down hair. Yes two successive five-nil home wins is pretty rare and one player getting four in one game is quite a treat too.

It was lovely to see some real old fashioned centre forward play from James Collins. Willing to attack the ball in the box and also create as well. It was a great second half against Pompey.

The first forty five minutes were somewhat lacklustre and it was up to the manager to make changes that would alter the game. Well I think he did that didn’t he…

Simon Ferry added that little bit of craft in midfield and Collins..? Well just Collins. If there was one goal that stood out it was the fourth I think. Alan McCormack’s terrific crossfield pass, Matt Ritchie somehow digging out a cross and the excellent finish from the on fire Collins. Wonderful football.

Are we then about to see a repeat of last season and a majestic romp through the second half of the campaign?

Having mentioned McCormack, I think PDC might have found his best defence. The keeper is unflappable, Nathan Thompson looks like he’s been playing for years, the two centre halves are a perfect combination and McCormack has settled nicely into that left back slot.

What is evident is that our rise up the leagues has been built on pretty mean defensive work. Any successful side is built on that foundation. Get your defence right and you’ve a great platform to build from.

In Darren Ward and Joe Devera we have two of the most solid central defenders you could see at this level. They never appear to be pulled too far apart and do the simple things very well. I think Ward is an essential signing much as Wes Foderingham was last term. If one of those isn’t available there’s Aden Flint, also as solid as a rock.

We’ve seen another managerial casualty this week. Plymouth Argyle decided to pull the plug on Carl Fletcher’s tenure in the Home Park hotseat.

What was remarkable about it was that the news came out during a post match interview. When asked what was to be done about the teams poor form, Fletcher replied “the Chairman’s just done it I’ve been sacked”. For the rest of the interview Fletcher was incredibly dignified and there was no lashing out even in the face of an uncertain future.

Just a young manager recognising that he was paying the price for not winning. In an age when people rush to criticise and snipe, it was a lesson to us all. Keep your counsel and self respect.

Carlisle then on Saturday. Don’t think we’ll see a repeat of the eleven thousand plus we say on New Years Day. But this Swindon team deserves to be supported. We could be in for another great few months courtesy of the PDC circus.

It’s great to see the scarf back isn’t it ? How great is that after match tradition ? Lets hope we see it raised in honour of another three points at the weekend.

Keep it loud Keep it proud Keep it SWINDON



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