Vic Morgan Blog: Festive Madness…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

It’s that time of the year when we tend to have a rather glazed expression. Too many things to do so little time in which to do it. Presents to organise, family to see, and oh yes football to look forward too.

This is a great time of the year for those of us who love the round ball game. Matches seemingly every other day. Long coach trips to chew over the various fixtures and a fair share of daft Santa hats saying “Father Christmas is a Town fan”.

Obviously for someone of my age it would be rather unseemly to wear such a thing but hey knock yourself out they look great.

So what are we to expect? Well four rather tasty matches I’d say. Kicking off with the only one I shall miss…

Work calls so I won’t be at the Tranmere game. I’m still a little bemused as to why it’s on a Friday night, but it is and so sadly I’ll have to forego it. It should be a belter though.

I was going to say cracker but that might get overused. Swindon back to form, albeit low key, with the win at Oldham and Tranmere having a season that their fans can only have dreamed about.

A victory would set us up nicely for tricky trips to Leyton Orient and Colchester before the visit of Pompey in the New Year. That’s a quartet of games that will give us a real indication of just how the second half of the season will pan out.

This time last year we’d seen glimpses of what was to come. And what was to come was a glorious romp through the early months of this fabulous sporting year of 2012.

On Boxing Day we play in the shadow of the venues which lit up our summer. The Olympics and Paralympics were events so extraordinary that even an old cynic like me was swept away in the emotion of it all. Brisbane Road always a difficult place to go but always enjoyable somehow.

Then there’s Colchester. The new home of the U’s is rather isolated isn’t it ? Lovely stadium but somehow rather detached from civilisation. Still a repeat of our cup win there last season would do nicely.

Pompey next up. A club with more than its share of problems in recent times. Seems crazy that a team that not too long ago won the FA Cup has been close to oblivion and still walks a precarious financial line. Also the current home of Paul Benson and I believe Phil Smith. Great servants to the Red and White and I wish them well except on New Years Day.

So while you rush around getting those last minute things done before you can finally fall asleep in front of the festive telly, spare a thought for the nations footballers. Having to forego that extra chocolate or mince pie and not being able to partake of that season drink. On second thoughts heck no!

How many of us would love to have the talent to do what they do? Play football for our beloved Swindon Town. I could have if only I’d had any footballing ability. Bah Humbug!

Keep it loud Keep it proud Keep it SWINDON…oh yes and Happy Christmas…


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