Vic Morgan Blog: Many Happy Returns…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Yes! Football’s back this weekend.

I know there’s been all sorts of other stuff going on. FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League etc, but for Town fans its all about Saturday and Doncaster Rovers. It seems a lifetime since Swindon played.

The one thing this has reinforced my view on is a mid season break. In other countries faced with extreme weather it makes perfect sense but for this country I’m not so sure. I suppose one way of looking at it is that it makes your appetite for the game even stronger. So from that point of view it might work. However I don’t know about you but I find gaps in a season frustrating and I miss the game when its not there.

Another problem with any break would be when to have it. The weather in this country is notorious in its unpredictability making it impossible to say when would be the right time. So I can’t see it happening.

One of the highlights of the campaign, the festive fixtures, are almost upon us. Even though its a lot of games in a short space of time it is one of the most exciting phases of the season. Results at this time of year can make a such a difference to how the rest of your year maps out. Of course it takes its toll on players and fans alike. A lot of miles in sometimes difficult weather but there’s nothing quite like this time of the year is there?

Before that the visit of one of the League One pacesetters Doncaster Rovers. Donny appear to bang in form and a certain Billy Paynter is part of their squad. Billy enjoyed a golden spell while he was us. I guess the highlights were the matches against Leeds. Ironically that led to a move to Elland Road for Billy. They were great games weren’t they? Six nil on aggregate I do believe.

By all accounts the Town squad has been working hard in the build up to this game and its going to be a real test against Dean Saunders’ men.

As for the Champions League… Has it lost its lustre if indeed it ever really had it? Maybe its a case of familiarity breeding a little bit of contempt. I suppose though its still a place where the world’s best can be seen on a regular basis.

At times the games can be breathtaking and we’ve seen in the likes of Barcelona how football can be taken to levels we never thought were possible. Its also a real shot in the arm to see Celtic doing so well. One of the unfancied clubs making it through to the knock out phase while the reigning champions Chelsea go out. So even at the highest level the old game still retains that little touch of romance that makes us love it so much.

So then coats, scarves and gloves at the ready and get down to the County Ground after our mini mid season break. You know you want too.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON


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