Vic Morgan Blog: Anyone fancy a kickabout..?

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

So what to do on Saturday then?

For the second week in a row I won’t be watching football. Last weekend I wasn’t able to go to Notts County and this week…no game to watch.

The obvious thing then is to prepare for that time of commercial madness known as Christmas. Get all the presents bought and wrapped and safely put away ready for the big day. Then to write a list for Santa so he knows what to bring down the chimney.

I must remember to open the fire door this year…it was quite unpleasant for the old chap twelve months ago. Took an age to get him out. Hope he wasn’t delayed getting to your house.

Anyway, as I said, I wasn’t at Meadow Lane so I can’t comment on the Town’s performance. Suffice it to say that they seem to have come up against an inspired goalkeeper who performed miracles to keep them at bay. It should also be noted that Notts County are quite a decent team and are above Swindon in the league.

I guess, although its not strictly accurate to say, we should count this two weeks as our mid season break and a chance to take a look at how PDC’s men have done.

I think we all were a little guilty of thinking it would be another stroll to a championship. We’d all got a little misty eyed following last years great SECOND half to the campaign. I stress second half because that’s when the Town really came alive in League Two. If you recall it had been a stuttering start but a wonderful finish.

This time round its been a better beginning. Consistency though seems to be one of the worries and I’m sure that’s what Paolo wants to see an improvement in. That and some goals from all departments including whichever front two we put out.

At times the football has been great. Wonderful performances in the League Cup stand out and the away win at Stevenage probably my personal highlight. That was about as complete display as you could wish for. Total domination from start to finish.

I think we could be in for another memorable climax to the season and who knows where that may take us. Another promotion is NOT out of the question with the squad we have but if it doesn’t happen don’t lets overreact.

I seem to have found myself at odds with some supporters for suggesting that all seater stadia have made the game more comfortable to watch. In fact this very website is campaigning for safe standing areas.

I have no problem with that but I come from watching football in the days when you couldn’t move sometimes and it was downright dangerous when a crowd started to sway forward. So for me, and I was against seating to begin with, I’m ok with the way it is. That of course is my view and not every one’s and I respect that.

If you want to stand great, if you don’t great. There’s no right or wrong here but don’t forget some of the reasons all seaters where brought in. I would also ask don’t stand up in front of people who are seated have a little courtesy.

Next week we’ll be looking ahead to football and the visit of Doncaster. Should be a game for our refreshed team and supporters to enjoy.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON


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