Vic Morgan Blog: Wake up its a Chelsea morning…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

‘Wake up it’s a Chelsea morning’ As the great Joni Mitchell once sang about Chelsea in New York City.

The mad mad world of football reached new insane levels on Wednesday morning with the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo. A man who won an FA Cup and the ultimate club prize, the Champions League, defeat in Turin put the Brakes on his Stamford Bridge career.

While we were feeling a bit depressed by a loss to Brentford, the Blues owner was sharpening his rather blunt axe ready to swing it again.

Do you know what… I wasn’t surprised. I always got the feeling Di Matteo put Abramovich in a difficult situation last May by winning Ol’ Big Lugs, the European Cup, and that he really didn’t want to appoint the former player in the first place.

Now he’s given him the bullet and the whole sorry story starts again. It’s a Chelsea fans business to love their club obviously but I don’t think many outside of that group have a great deal of respect for the Blues and the way they do their business.

Still I wait with interest to see whether the new man in charge stays more than three days beyond next seasons West Brom away game. That always seems to be the tipping point.

Anyhoo, back to our first love STFC.

A mixed week because obviously things are never set in stone where the Town are concerned. Against a tough well set up Yeovil we were tremendous. Some great football in a difficult game and a great result.

The two centre halves were just fantastic, everything you expect from a defensive partnership. Joe Devera deservedly won man of the match but I would have given it to Joe and Darren Ward who also got his first Town goal. It was tremendous for an old fashioned bloke like me to watch. Ward reminds me of the great Frank Burrows. Raw boned and relishing a tackle.

Then of course something we ought to have expected. The fall after the lift. A dull encounter against Brentford. A wet miserable Tuesday and nothing to get too excited about. To be honest I’d been more thrilled looking at the new Led Zeppelin CDs in a well known record store. Didn’t buy it got a birthday soon, hint hint.

Afterwards the realisation that we won’t beat everybody easily. We knew that anyway. Thought Brentford were well set up and played a very good away game. I think we’ll remember Jonathon Douglas’s effort for a while. Brought back memories of his hapless efforts on goal while with us.

And Bradley, thanks for your comedy moment while trying to retrieve the ball at the Town End. “She fell over” would have embarrassed you and thrilled you at the same time. Highlight of the game for me.

So then I write this enjoying a coffee in a shop with Zep on the sound system. Do you know what despite the weather things ain’t so bad.

On to Notts County for the mighty Reds and lets hope the tremendous away form continues.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON


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