Vic Morgan Blog: Loan Arranger…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Well the well it started quietly didn’t it?

A great win at Walsall and talk of a couple of loan signings in the air. Then a touch of silence and suddenly a flurry of activity. I’m not one who usually gets too excited about loanees after seeing some good some bad over the years. But I must admit the new influx seem to be rather good.

I’ll get back to those later.

First though to the Bescott or the Banks or whatever it is these days. A great start by our new in form striker Simon Ferry.

The second time this season that the Town have scored inside the first minute. Unlike at Bury where we rather huffed and puffed, there was never any doubt that the three points would go back to Wiltshire. Matt Ritchie’s super strike settled matters and put us comfortably in the top six with two home games to come.

As for Simon Ferry? Well his goalscoring has been one of the areas he needs to improve on. The winner at Shrewsbury before Saturday the only reward for his endeavours in midfield. The crowd shouting “shoot” when he gets the ball near the box is a sign that they’d love him to find the net. A genuine fans favourite and a total one hundred per center. So It was great to see his effort fizz past the Saddlers custodian.

My only other comment on Saturday is this. While I understand the wanting safe standing areas, at the moment stadia like the Banks’s are all SEATER. That means SEATING.

Turning round and abusing people because you’re standing and obstructing their view is just plain ignorant. Just remember some people might be a little older than you and don’t want to stand for two hours. When you grow up you’ll understand although I doubt that will happen.

Great week for the youth department of course. A win in the FA Youth Cup and a player in the England Under-19 squad. Terrific news and congratulations to Paul Bodin and his staff for their hard work which is now paying off with several making it into the first team squad. Long may it continue.

So to the new loanees.

At the time of writing it appears Danny Hollands and Chris Martin are joining the club till January. These are quality signings and terrific that we’re able to attract players like this. As I mentioned, we’re handily placed for a terrific second half of the season. Players like this can only help make the next few months exciting. Two home games to come and it would be great to pick up maximum points.

It also appears that Paul Benson is on his way to Pompey. “Benno” is a wonderful player. Like Simon Ferry prepared to run himself into the ground for his team. I will never forget the last minute at Morecombe last season when he chased down a ball which was obviously on its way out just in case he might get to it. Whatever the future brings we should salute players like Paul Benson and he will always be applauded by me.

So to the visit of the Glovers on Saturday. Its a day I’ll get confused. On the M5 I’ll see lots of green and white hooped shirts and wonder why there are so many Celtic fans in the area around Sedgemoor and then the penny will drop. You see some of us are a little older.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON



  • Vic… Your tendency to take the moral high ground and criticise fellow supporters is becoming increasingly irritating. Our away support is generally excellent, and was certainly spot on at Walsall. I am 25 and I also prefer to sit at games, so I use my initiative and find an area before kick off where it is obvious that those in front of me will not want to stand. We hardly ever sell out, and away clubs seldom force fans to be at their designated seat, so this is not difficult. Some prefer to stand and be vocal, in keeping with your request for us all to keep it “loud and proud”, and I for one am glad that they do – I’m sure the great atmosphere (which you evidently prefer not to mention) at Walsall helped the lads to a win which wasn’t quite as easy as you make out. You clearly view yourself as some kind of “superfan”, despite the fact that you miss games on a regular basis – but those cushioned, perfectly placed commentary box seats are, as I doubt you need to be reminded, a thing of the past, so now you’ll just have to slum it with the rest of us when you do make it along. Thanks.


  • Gosh I have never described myself as a superfan as Ive just watched the Town since the 1960’s I might just remember how uncomfortable being crushed on terraces used to be. Your perfectly entitled to your view but I have “”slumbed it” for 40 years and watch over 40 games a season from Devon, missing a few like 7 perhaps ? If you want to accuse me of moralising CHECK YOUR FACTS FIRST. Also dont forget some clubs insist on you sitting in your numbered seats, what do you do then ? Thanks for patronising me in such a way and by the way commentary boxes arent that comfortable and you really ought to research what your talking about


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