Vic Morgan Blog: Could have been washing my hair…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Not been the most inspiring of weeks has it?

Last Saturday’s cup tie against Macclesfield was about as exciting as a day stripping woodchip wallpaper. If you’ve ever done that you’ll know what I mean. The only highlight was the first Macc goal which deserved a lot of praise.

Apart from that quite literally nothing to write home about. Although the appearance of Troy Archibald-Henville in the centre of midfield at least gave us something to ponder as Swindon huffed, puffed and failed to blow anything down.

Don’t know what it was about that game. Maybe it was a case of “after the Lord Mayor’s show”. We all left the Villa game on a real high and perhaps that was difficult to reproduce. With a smaller crowd the atmosphere felt flat and it wasn’t a good day. The defeat also meant a loss of income in prize money and further cup games. So lets hope we really no can “concentrate on the league”.

It was back to the league when Danny Wilson came calling on Tuesday.

To say the game was, at times, a snooze-fest is an understatement. Sheffield United showed little ambition with their main tactic appearing to be sneak a win on the break late on. It nearly worked but for some great last ditch defending by our lads. Again a match which won’t live long in the memory with the highlight PDC’s second half chest trap. “He traps with his chest, he traps etc”. Great skill and well he’s still got it hasn’t he ?

That’s the thing. Sometimes we get a little exasperated at Paolo’s outbursts but its moments like that that make you glad he’s at the County Ground.

I was also glad there weren’t any abusive chants directed towards the aforementioned Danny. Ok things went pear-shaped but he gave us one of our greatest ever seasons. For that we should remember the good times and move on. Always a gentleman and I wish him well.

During those good times there was a certain Charlie Austin. Now Europe’s leading goalscorer. I find it hard to believe players in form don’t get included in an international squad. If only to gain experience. I guess his expected move to the Premiership will give him that opportunity. For once though it would be nice to see bold selection especially in friendlies. Otherwise how do you find out if players can perform on the biggest stage?

Personally I think Charlie will score goals at any level. He is a natural born finisher simple as that.

While Charlie Austin misses out on a place in the full England squad we should congratulate a current Town player. Miles Storey is included in the Under-19 England party. Deserved reward for his recent performances and of course credit is also due to the work of Paul Bodin in the youth department. The Town are reaping the dividends of his work with the likes of the Thompson’s Storey and Leigh Bedwell, all in the team this season. Aaron Oakley is another on the verge of a breakthrough. Great news for the future.

So to Walsall on Saturday. Now that embargo thingy has been removed Paolo can go shopping again. Maybe we’ll see some of his loan purchases in action at the Bescott. A short journey so hopefully a good following. Hope its an afternoon to remember and not wish I was washing my hair.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON


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