Vic Morgan Blog: Trophy Town

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

I don’t know about you but this weeks really got me down. A thick wedge of greyness has covered us for days. Hopefully by the time you read this the sky will at last have turned blue. That hasn’t helped our mood when it comes to our football team. A draw and a defeat isn’t a great return from the last two matches but we’ re in seventh place in League One. Not bad for a newly promoted side.

I suppose the mood for the week was set last Saturday though. The game against Scunthorpe was, well quite frankly, tedious. It wasn’t helped by the sending off of Aden Flint. Even so the atmosphere was a little flat and really nobody seemed “up for it”.

The highlight for me was the song from the Town End. Our manager appeared wearing a new outer covering. So the “He’s bought a new coat” chant made everyone smile including PDC.

To be honest there wasn’t much else to smile about apart from a great finish by James Collins. Even the return of Leon Clarke couldn’t get the atmosphere livened up. Having said that I was glad we didn’t hear much in the way of offensive remarks. Perhaps the events at Hillsborough the night before had made people think a bit.

To see a “fan” behave in that way and assault Chris Kirkland was beyond belief. Difficult to understand what went through that persons head. Running on a football pitch and hitting a player is just plain stupid. Perhaps he’ll grow up now. We’ve had enough of that nonsense.

I wasn’t at Crewe. Work gets in the way of football sometimes. By all accounts though it was a game we should have won. Dependable Rafa gave us a lead but the home side edged in front and despite launching attack after attack we couldn’t get the equaliser.

So where are we at?

Well, we’re in the top ten which is good. We’re suffering through injuries and suspensions at the moment like all teams do. It makes it difficult for the manager to select a settled side. I know what you’re saying now, “he never does anyway”. That’s up to him of course. One of the luxuries of a decent squad is having options all over the park. That’s something PDC doesn’t have at the moment.

It’s no good moaning about the transfer embargo. Its what it is and until it changes we have to live with it.

As we’re in the middle of the World Series lets say its time for us all to “step up to the plate”. We rather sat on our hands as fans last Saturday, me included. Maybe we should do a bit more supporting rather than moaning. Lets try that at Stevenage on Saturday.

A new ground for us and just limited FA Cup nightmares to go on previously. It promises to be a tough afternoon against a more than decent team. So a shortish journey will give us the chance to get behind the team. There easy isn’t it.

To finish a word about the Swindon Robins. That word is “Inspirational”. Bottom of the Elite League one year champions the next. First title since 1967 says it all. Swindon is a Speedway town. The fans have supported the Robins through some very lean years and have now got their reward. We as Swindonians now have two championship trophies. That’s rather good isn’t it ?

See you at Stevenage…

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON (LEAGUE TWO AND ELITE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS}


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