League One: The first ten games review

Mindblowing analysis of the first ten games in the Football League, including an assessment of Swindon Town’s defensive and attacking efficiency, courtesy of Ben Mayhew of the superb http://experimental361.com

Read Ben’s report via this download link http://experimental361.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/experimental-361-the-first-10-games.pdf

Experimental 3-6-1

I’m proud to present what will hopefully be the first of many club-by-club reports. This one covers the first 10 (or so) games of the new season and features a page of analysis for each Football League club.

I’ve no idea how to embed this in my blog, so below is a very low tech link to the PDF. I’ve done my best to keep the file size down – it’s about 1.4MB:

The match data used in the report is taken from a variety of public domain sources, but is all compiled by the Press Association. The goal data I capture myself as explained here.

I’ll be discussing this report on the excellent We Are Going Up podcast, released on Monday 15th October.

EDIT: Some eagle-eyed readers spotted a few idiotic mistakes, which I’ve now corrected (reference to top right rather than left when explaining defensive scatter plot…

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