Vic Morgan Blog: A Taste For Claret…

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Decent old week I think you’ll agree.

This time seven days ago we’d seen a recovery in form after another supposed crisis in confidence, all is not well, its going to end in tears scenario. Well I suppose there might have been a few soggy eyes at the County Ground on Tuesday but I doubt they were of disappointment. Unless, of course, you wore the Claret and Blue of Burnley.

That followed on from the terrific win over Bournemouth. Superb football was the key. Nothing more nothing less. If you were being super critical you’d say it should have been more than four-nil. However we gave the Cherries the pip with some great passing play.

As for Nathan Thompson… Well, the reaction when he was given man of the match award said it all. Great to see one of our own coming through the ranks and looking like a veteran. Excellent though Joe Devera has been in that right back position, Nathan gives a more attacking option, a la Paul Caddis. We wish Nathan well, his fledgling career has stretched over a couple of seasons and he’ll be hoping to make that position his own.

There was a sense of fun, I felt, as well on Saturday. There’s been a rather serious feeling around the start of the season for some reason with one alleged crisis after another. But that seemed to lift once the game was won. It was great to see PDC smiling and really relaxed in his role again. At times this term he’s had a rather tortured look about him. Not so Saturday and the wave from the dug out with his foot was priceless. I’d love to see that as one of our weekly rituals. Much as the after match walk onto the pitch is part of Swindon folklore, that foot wave deserves to stay. The chant has to be, as I said on the Washbag podcast, “he waves with his foot etc”, just has to be.

Charlie Austin’s Burnley were the next team to be dispatched at SN1. Like many I thought this might be a difficult game. Charlie came to the County Ground bang in form and no doubt relished the challenge.

I was flying back from Jersey as the game kicked off, I’d been investigating the biggest find of Iron Age coins for my Late Show. A great story much like that unfolding in Wiltshire. By the time I’d reached the office we were flying into round four of the League Cup. Charlie got his goal but hey we’ll let him have that because whatever may have happened, he’s still one of ours.

My guest Tuesday night was Andy Fraser of Free, one of the great English rock bands. I think he might have been a little bemused by the way I kept referring to the Swindon win on a programme which goes out to the South West and Channel Islands. He took it well.

As for the draw for the fourth round… Terrific. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Aston Villa. A packed County Ground under the lights against another Claret wearing team. Wonderful. Lets dream of the quarter finals shall we?

Before all that is Shrewsbury on Saturday Last season we disappointed there, apart from the first twenty minutes which we dominated.

Another win would be great to keep the retread bandwagon on the road. But, as always, a point away from home is always welcome. See you there and don’t forget “He waves with his foot”

Keep it loud, Keep it proud, Keep it SWINDON.


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