Vic Morgan Blog: Away Lads Away

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Funny old week really. Two away games, four points, four goals. Decent enough return in anyone’s language. After a run of defeats it perhaps signals a return to the form we’ve come to expect over the past few months. But if anybody can explain to me the last ten minutes at Portsmouth, I’d be very grateful.

I’ll clear up some Carlisle related matters later on, but the events on Tuesday night left me somewhat baffled on the way back to Devon.

I’ve rarely seen one side dominate as much as Swindon did in the first hour and twenty at Fratton Park. Yes, Pompey had a couple of chances, but on the whole it was a near faultless display. The only criticism you could level would be the lack of goals which came from that domination. Fine finishes from Matt Ritchie, against his old club, and first for the Town from a relieved Andy Williams, were scant reward for such a great display of attacking football.

When the wheels well and truly fell off. Portsmouth got one back and were denied by post and bar in a frantic siege on the Town goal. Minutes earlier Swindon had a firm grip on the three points, so how could it have unravelled like that? Some strange defensive decisions, like passing back to Wes Foderingham instead of whacking the ball into the stands, led to panic defending. It was like being outside an Apple store as the doors opened on a new Iphone.

I would think PDC learned more about his team in that ten minutes than in the previous eighty. Having said all that it was an away win and that’s always to be celebrated.

One curious thing about Fratton Park. As you go through the turnstiles, you’re faced by a doorway covered by clear plastic strips. Nothing odd about that? Well actually it was the Ladies Toilets. Now call me old fashioned but that seemed somewhat embarrassing for those who use them and those who wait outside for those who use them. I know Pompey are hard up, but please a little respect.

A few days previously was the endless journey to Carlisle. I think the story is well known by now. I’m still amazed we actually got to the ground, less than an hour to kick off we were sixty miles away. Because of the reasons for the hold up, a fatal accident, fans were frustrated rather than angry. After all you can’t really moan when somebody has lost their life and wouldn’t be returning home that night.

What did annoy me was the attitude of stewards at Brunton Park once we’d got to the venue. No making sure there was an easy passage through, just the usual officious searching to make sure you weren’t taking in any refreshment which might make a tiring day a touch more pleasurable.

One turnstile meant a queue, and a programme seller meant an even greater delay for people just wanting to get in the ground to watch the game.

Moan, Moan, Moan, I hear you say. But do you know what, football fans are people too, not to be herded around and treated like non entities. We pay a fortune to follow our team and do it gladly. But its about time we stood up for our rights as PEOPLE.

As I wrote last week, make sure the authorities know you’re unhappy when things aren’t right. It’s OUR game not some bloke’s in a suit who travels round the world first class, OUR game.

As for our game, lets hope we don’t see the Cherries on top on Saturday……

Keep it loud, keep it proud, keep it SWINDON.


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  • We are dying breed of fan ,slowly being pushed out of football ,why because we like to stand at football ,we like to sing and shout for our team with like minded friends who meet up on matchday….normally after a hard week at work….we are the atmosphere…when we’re gone the atmospheres gone


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