Press Watch – Fods, Rants, Defeat, Defeat, Defeat…

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Oh what a difference a week makes, actually what a difference 4 days make! Top of the world on Wednesday, walloping Stoke on their own patch, earning plaudits from all quarters – even getting exposure in Italy, oh the euphoria, the joy, the tiny niggling feeling that something is bound to go wrong…..

So like some kind of cruel militia from a tinpot dictatorship we left the razed lands of the potteries and headed northwards to conquests new – this time focussing on the Tolkien-esque Deepdale for a mouth watering clash with much fancied Preston.

I went to school with a girl called Natasha, she was ‘much-fancied’ by a lot of people, needless to say I saw her in B&Q the other week browsing some garish looking wallpaper swatches and wow, had she changed. People say your tastes change as you grow up and all that, like when eating sprouts and rhubarb etc, but holey moley was my entire class blind at the age of 11?

Anywho I digress a little, yes, our opposition, much fancied – like Natasha and we now know how that turned out (I bought some sandpaper and undercoat by the way) so I was hoping Preston might turn out the same (I mean that they might not be so good at football – not have one eye, alopecia and a limp)

WRONG! Ritchie was injured, therefore our chances were greatly diminished from the off, but c’mon we still had a miserly defence and easily the best goalkeeper in the league, what could possibly go wrong….?

Everything, that’s what, it turns out our defence wasn’t so great and our goalkeeper is actually, well pretty ‘crappy’ – to coin a phrase.

Now the Washbag has already published a great article concerning ‘Wes-gate’, (or should it be the ‘Foderingham-affair’?) therefore I’m not going to use this column as a soapbox for me to debate the right and wrongs of the situation, so I’m just going to say one thing. Well done Leigh Bedwell on making your first team debut, let’s hope it the start of a wonderful and long career.

I might not want to debate it, but the guys and gals on the forums and twitter certainly did, all Town related media was positively buzzing with the subject.

Horrifically, Town fans were turning against their fellow fans – have you ever seen the weak Sci-Fi Horror film Event Horizon? Well throughout you get glimpses of the crew of the aforementioned spaceship tearing each-other apart in some sort of frenzied Battle Royale. Well it was all a bit like that, in fact now I’ve said that, a better example would’ve been: has anyone ever seen the Japanese school based horror film ‘Battle Royale? Where a group of classmates tear each-other apart in some sort of frenzied Mortal Kombat? Well it was a bit like that, in fact now I’ve said that…..etc etc…

Last week we were in the Guardian for all the right reasons, on Monday we appeared for all the wrong reasons (or the right reasons if you’re a cheap sports journo hack); although their story was hastily re-written the following day to encompass the kiss and make up aspect of the scoop.

The flashpoint also became a focus of the excellent Football Weekly Podcast, the clash was so exciting it even had the honour of being interwoven into the pun laded James Richardson intro, fantastic.

The Guardian continued their Di Canio focus by including some infamous ‘Di Canio Detonations’ in their Classic YouTube section. It makes for some amusing viewing, particularly the Ian Ferguson clash – as it wasn’t an incident I was overly familiar with.

If you want to read some words relating to those Guardian clips then the Daily Mail provides the service for you, they even chuck in a nice picture of Paolo doing his Nazi salute, in the Mail of all places – whatever next?

Speaking of James Richardson though, the Corriere Dello Sport covers the whole sorry mess with a lovely piece of video, Google translates the headline perfectly:

“Di Canio chases the goalkeeper who does not take it well”

Keeping the theme of bad translations going, Tuttosport also offer their own unique take on the drama, with the oddly threatening headline:

“Di Canio hunting goalkeeper”

It makes for some tough reading, but the translation does at least offer us a potential new nickname for Wes:

“This is not the first time between Di Canio and his goalkeeper flying rags arrived on loan from Crystal Palace in October 2011, Foderingham was immediately promoted by the Italian coach owner”

So who’s with me? Flying Rags? It’s an excellent nickname, and who knew Di Canio owned a coach!

The Sun chipped in with the predictable headline:

“Paolo: Fod off!”

The Telegraph covered the story focussing on the whole refund season ticket/go and support Oxford angle, once again the water bottle was getting maximum exposure, I wonder if it’s got its own agent yet?

The full interview ‘meltdown’ can be found here

After all the excitement of Preston surely Oxford United would feel the full backlash of our rage? Alas no, the stats pointed to a dominant Town performance but unfortunately a defensive blunder handed bragging rights to our nearest and dearest once more.

Funnily enough, as this was just the first round of the JPT, the eyes of the national press were firmly fixed elsewhere so coverage was thin. (The more important Outer Hebrides tiddlywinks pub challenge was on.) Therefore, thankfully, our shame was not to permeate into the consciousness of the nation.

So, after all the excitement of Preston and Oxford surely Leyton Orient would feel the full backlash of our rage?

Errrrrrrrrmm, no is the simple answer, we witnessed another game in which Town failed to fire. The Leyton Orient fans forum crackled with excitement and well, general astonishment at what they had achieved.

A prediction thread didn’t offer much optimism, with most fans predicting a walloping, although one clever chap did indeed predict a one nil victory.

I think their optimism had been dented by this thread which appeared prior to the game boasting of our invincibility at home – like we were a drunk wife beater, bullies in our own front room.

This thread obviously struck fear into the hearts of Orient’s most ardent fans, as Stoney O announces:

“The last team to score there was Shrewsbury back in February in all competitions; the other team to score there this year were Wigan in the FA Cup.

Oh dear……..”

A mixture of disbelief therefore could be found in resultant threads after the game; in fact I had a thread dedicated to my own glowing match report. Fame at last. East Side Intellectual pipes up:

“I’m dreaming this right?”

Followed by Stowaway, who sounds equally drunk on the craziness:

“Bloody hell. Is this our Orient he’s talking about? We’ve been dog’s mickeys so far this season, and then this. Blimey.”

Well as the author I can categorically say, yes, I was talking about your Orient, you bunch of Panini album ruining bastards. Although I’m not clear exactly what being “dog’s mickeys” actually means or entails.

Due to the Premier League vacuum at the weekend, The Guardian posted a match report , which apart from the last two paragraphs manages to be totally devoid of an actual report of the match. I would avoid reading the comments section below – as this descends into the normal fascism debating room territory which seems to shadow every Di Canio related article these days.

Di Canio still found time to shoehorn himself into the national press courtesy of the Daily Mail again. It’s not normally a website I favour, (even though there is a handy guide out there to help you decipher the contents of the site) but on this occasion the article is a belter and contains some great moody pictures. Although personally I think I’d find it difficult to concentrate if my desk at work was surrounded by pictures of myself, but each to his own.

And for some reason I couldn’t stop myself reading all the Paolo quotes in my head in a flamboyant Italian accent. I defy anyone else not to do the same.

So, from said article, I’ll let Paolo have the final word this week –

“You can’t save your energy if you want to reach the top. I don’t know if I will get there but it is my dream. This job drives you crazy but it is beautiful.”


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