Vic Morgan Blog: A week is a long time in football…

BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan is back for 2012/13, continuing his weekly blog only here on The Washbag.

So, there I was this time last week pondering whether or not the win over Stoke was one of the Town’s best ever. Yes a victory over a Premier League side in the Credit Card Cup, and things looked about as good as they ever have.

Flying in League One and defensively looking as solid as whatever term you want to use. So, as Danny Baker says on a Saturday morning, “What can possibly go wrong now?”

Well, this past week has captured everything that a football fan experiences in life.

A flurry of new signings ahead of the transfer deadline, and good solid signings too, brought even greater cause for optimism. Surely this is now a squad capable of beating anyone in the league and frightening a good few in the cups.

So, off we go to Preston for another great occasion.

Events at Deepdale have been brilliantly documented elsewhere on this website. So no need to go too fully into them. Suffice it to say, it was a crazy day. Rarely recently have I seen that rock solid Town defence play so poorly.

There seemed to be a total lack of communication between them and whoever was in goal, had little chance of preventing the score from creeping up. The first goal should have been avoided and clearly that contributed to the most talked about incident of the day, “Wes-Gate”.

Our young ‘keeper looked shell shocked in the second half when sitting near the Swindon fans. But you could see the anger subside as he thought about things and he looked genuinely touched by the support he received.

One player that shouldn’t be forgotten in all this is Leigh Bedwell, who took over in goal for his league debut in extraordinary circumstances. Leigh deserves our congratulations for that achievement.

So we move on after rants, apologies and group hugs.

Surely our nearest and not quite so dearest from along the A420 would feel the backlash? We’d put to bed our recent record against those in yellow and blue and march on towards another JPT final?

Or, perhaps not. Another local derby defeat means that for the fourth game in a row we lose to Timmy Mallett’s team.

I’ve never been able to get caught up in the hype over this particular fixture. It’s always seemed to me that a lot of nonsense is spouted about this game and a lot of pointless bravado and vitriol comes pouring out. Afterwards its a case of “Oh well this one doesn’t really matter”. For goodness sake, they’re our local rivals, that’s all, it’s not war.

What does all this mean then? This week of roller coaster madness. It means another few days in the life of a football fan. The ups come along, as do the downs. You win some, generally you lose a lot.

As PDC says, if you’re not happy with things go and watch someone else. If you support a football team it’s part of the deal. A never ending soap opera that you buy into when you first get that annoying bug called Football.

On Saturday we’ll do the same against Leyton Orient. In that hour and a half, we’ll once again go through the craziness, the joy, despair etc. Want it any other way ? Didn’t think so.

Keep it loud, keep it proud, always keep it SWINDON.


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