Vic Morgan Blog: Season’s started lets get moaning….

BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan is back for 2012/13, continuing his weekly blog – telling you what he really thinks – only here on The Washbag.

Wow. Season’s started. Plenty of reason to moan about being a Swindon Town fan. After all, the club has just won a championship, brought in shed loads of new players, made it through to round two of a major cup competition, and hasn’t conceded a goal in three competitive fixtures.

I was certainly unhappy about the way we played Crawley off the pitch on Tuesday. I’d much rather we’d struggled and lost, that would have made me much happier. After all what’s this with being fourth in League One ? Unbeaten and flying in home games.

I’ve been accused this week of towing the party line, and being boring as my team does well. True I haven’t expressed a strong feeling about the Paul Caddis affair unlike many who’ve had a go on the keyboards of various forums, I don’t know the full story. Until I do, I can’t offer a judgement.

It seems to be the way of things these days that there’s right and wrong. People decide on issues before they know the facts.

There is no greater admirer of Caddis than me. Last season he was magnificent. I said so many times. But, I don’t know what’s gone on behind the closed doors of the County Ground. That’s not towing the party line, that’s sitting back and trying to find out. I’ve criticised the club many times in the past when I’ve felt it justified. If anyone can give me a definitive answer on the Caddis story, then maybe I will again.

At the moment though, all I see from a distance in Devon is a team on the up. It may all go horribly wrong, and then we can all bleat endlessly on about the glory days when we where fourth in League One, just won a championship, made it through to round two of a cup competition, and hadn’t conceded a goal in three games of a new season.

Gosh, I can’t wait for the MK Dons game on Saturday so I can again moan endlessly about the wonderful playing surface and sparkling football.

All I saw on Tuesday night was Swindon fans with smiles on their faces. Obviously they were the odd few who would. like me seemingly put up with any old rubbish. Sometimes I wonder what people want. Can’t wait for the slagging after this, bring it on.

To other matters, and something else I’m annoyed about. Drums in football grounds.

Don’t know about you, but that racket on Tuesday from the Crawley drummer drove me to distraction. I can’t see why they’re allowed to bring them in. Just imagine if you were sitting in front of the bleep bleep thing. I think I may be escorted out for doing something physically impossible with the instrument.

I’ve always hated drum solos. Whenever they occur at a gig, I’m out to the bar. I’ve sat through some which have lasted 45 minutes or more…just not for me. So why in the days when there are so many restrictions at grounds, tops taken off plastic bottles etc, do we have that infernal noise. Please make it STOP.

So to the weekend and MK. Its a massive test, and will give us a real indication of where we are in the scheme of things. Personally, I’d be delighted with top ten this season. The club has obviously set its sights on promotion. Something else to moan about I guess.

Keep smiling…..

Keep it loud, keep it proud, keep it SWINDON



  • I have a moan. I live in Australia and find it hard to make it to many games. Of course, the Brighton game was on live TV. And I can watch the highlights on Swindon Player. But that’s just not good enough.

    For one thing, it costs me almost A$7.50 a month to subscribe and that’s two cups of coffee a month I have to give up.

    And while I can listen to the commentary on Swindon Player I need to stay up till 2am when the game finishes (4am when the clocks got back/forward) or get up at 4.30am for night games. I’m getting too old for that (how old? – I remember George Best playing for Man Utd Youth team in the youth cup final at Swindon – the Don was much better).

    So I demand that the club provides Swindon Player at a reduced rate for expatriate sexagarians (is that a word?) and that they play daytime games at 10am so I can listen at a decent hour.

    What is the world coming to, you young people don’t know how good you have it. Drums, I can’t hear any drums, can you Gandalf?.


    • I too can remember George Best in the FA Youth Cup Final, and you’re quite right, the Don was much better!

      I think all your demands are totally reasonable.

      A fellow sexagarian (I’m not sure it’s a word either, but it sounds good!)


  • Not read a truer set of words. I enjoyed Tuesday so much I bounced all the way home. Some people need to wake up and be thankful for what we have, not dwell on what ‘could’ happen. We are unbeaten. Caddis will go and be replaced. Maybe Devera will be as good after five games. Maybe Thompson will be even better. Be patient and enjoy the moment. We could be in so much worse situations.


  • I completely agree. As someone else who lives away from Swindon these last 2 years have seen my friends actually bring up Swindon to me in conversation instread of the other way around. Other fans talk about us playing attractive football. They talk about our records and about Di Canio. If people think they’re going to agree with every decision their manager makes they are completely wrong. However they also need to give the club some slack and just look at the big picture
    I think people need to realise just how lucky they are and accept it, stop looking for something to complain about. I personally can’t think of a more possitive time as a Swindon fan as what we’re going through now.


  • Re Drum Solos. Listen to the late joe morello on “sounds of the loop” from the Brubeck album “history of the USA”.


  • It took me many years to understand what following the famous STFC is about ,Good times ,bad times an some sad times ,but there’s no better feeling in the world than match day with the good or bad I moan about that ref every game …and I always bang on about fans who sit down to watch the game…Stand up. I want the terrace back ..moan moan…and as for the drum ,yeah it got up my nose but at least they were making some noise unlike a lot of fans ,without the Town End there would be no atmosphere,show your support make some noise and while I’m on one Paolo DiCanio has got us this far his way,so as far as I’m concerned it’s his way or the highway,if he makes you an offer you can’t refuse ,take it…WE ARE PAOLOS RED AND WHITE ARMY


  • Fair point about the support and yes we all moan from time to time of course we do its what football is all about. We also should enjoy the good times, cos who knows they may not be here for long. Yes loud and proud, no argument about that.


  • Well said Vic Totally agree with you about the club and Caddis also i just dont get some fans who seem to thrive on putting anything to do with the club down. and yes you can stick that drum right where the sun dont shine Never needed one in the town end and dont ever want one!!


  • Spot on Vic! 5 stars.


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