Vic Morgan Blog: A Not So Wise Move…

Here are the latest ramblings of BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan..

Quite a week. To wins out of two over Easter, two long and exhausting journeys.

The first was to Morecambe on Good Friday. An early start necessary for a journey so far north. A decision was made not to travel from Devon on the morning, but to stay in Wiltshire on the Thursday and join up with the good folk from SAS Travel as the sun came up. It also meant a visit to was see the Swindon Robins at the Abbey Stadium was possible.

I hadn’t been to the Abbey in ages and it was great to watch the Robins get their Elite League campaign off and running with a win over Birmingham. Hopefully that was an omen for the following day.

And so it proved. Despite the fact that after arriving at the stadium a group of us set off to find Eric Morecambe’s statue, AND FAILED…I know how is that possible, it turned out to be a very good afternoon.

It wasn’t a great match. It was a game that took some watching, but ultimately turned out to be very satisfying. Paul Benson, who literally ran himself to a standstill, deservedly scored the winner. Town’s fans were superb, singing throughout. A low roof on a stand always makes for a better atmosphere and so it proved.

Another highlight was Paolo’s unravelling of his scarf at the end. If you leave before the end of the game, you miss this special moment. Its when the whole club comes together in one simple gesture. Fantastic, long may it continue.

The journey back to Devon ended just before midnight, but I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. Great win, promotion in our sights.

And so to Monday…

A late start to the County Ground wouldn’t be a problem would it..? After all it’s Easter Monday and the visitors to the South West wouldn’t be travelling home till the evening would they…? HOW WRONG CAN YOU BE.

It was horrendous. The M5 resembled a car park, as holiday makers escaped the Devon rain. Now I have a bit of a problem on match days. If I’m not near to the ground two hours before kick off, I start to panic. What if they move the time of the kick off ? What if its sold out..I have a season ticket, it doesn’t matter, what if etc etc.

So you can imagine how I was feeling to be driving past Leigh Delamare services at half past two. Thankfully I took my seat five minutes before kick off against Northampton and was able to watch another one-nil win. Again it wasn’t pretty, but who cares at this stage of the season.

This Saturday will see another trip up that M5, this time travelling in the same direction as lots of green clad people from Plymouth. If you’re on holiday in Devon and returning home on Saturday, please wait till the afternoon, thank you. I have one wish for this weekend, three points and a step closer to the title. If that doesn’t happen then I face some rather smug comments on my return to the South West late show on Monday night.

Lets hope we see another triumphant unravelling of the scarf five o’clock Saturday evening.

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